• Can I dye my hair from medium brown to dark blonde without bleaching it?

    Its naturally a lightish brown with blonde highlights

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    7 thoughts on “Can I dye my hair from medium brown to dark blonde without bleaching it?

    • merboot says:

      No, the only way that hair can go lighter is to bleach it.

    • jackie m says:

      If you used a regular blonde hair dye it would only brighten you hair up a little, to go from brown to dark blone you would need to bleach it and then use a toner to the tone you want – my mum has been bleaching her hair for 50 years and I have been dying mine for over 20 years and i am mid brown and tried the blonde dyes and they do not work, i also tried to bleach it and it turned out bright orange.

    • Nimmy says:

      You could try putting lemon juice on your hair lay in the sun, my sister done this and ended up with very light coloured hair.

    • one says:

      You say your hair is currently medium brown but is naturally light(ish) brown with blonde highlights so I take it to mean your hair is colored medium brown. The best way to solve this is to get a Haircolor remover and then recolor it to dark blonde.

    • RoseBud says:

      One is right. You can’t use a box of hair color to lighten your hair now that you’ve already got medium brown color on it. You’ll need to remove the medium brown color, then you can lighten it.

    • ♀♥♂☮Trippy Hippie☮♂♥♀ says:

      yes you can. you have to pick a dark blonde color you like, but it has to be professional color purchased from a beauty supply shop like sally beauty. my favorite is miss clairol. you then have to mix the color with a peroxide of the proper volume. since your hair is medium brown and you want to go a shade of blonde that isn’t too much lighter, i would say to use 30 volume peroxide. if you use miss clairol, use clairol pure white peroxide – it’s also called developer. you can use other brands of hair color if you want, i’m just telling you the one i’ve used and like. here’s the miss clairol swatches: http://www. clairolpro. com/files/swatches/miss_clairol. php
      “moon haze” is the closest to dark blonde . . . there is the “dark neutral blonde”, but see the black border around the swatch? that indicates that it’s meant for covering grey. it might work for you, but it also might end up darker than you want. since you’re going to be using stronger developer, you’re going to want to apply the hair color starting at the ends of your hair FIRST. if you apply the color to the roots first and work your way down, the heat from your scalp is going to make the developer lighten your hair faster and the ends aren’t going to get any heat. the end result would be blonder roots and darker ends. so apply it to the ends and work your way up. if you have any questions, feel free to message me!

    • hairbender says:

      This has been asked so many times already, and the answer has not changed in all that time.

      There is only one way to lighten hair, and that is with the use of a bleach. It’s very clear — EVERYone knows that “dye” means to make darker. Think it through.

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