• Can I dye my hair brown over pink hair?

    I want to dye my hair brown but before I do that I’d like to know if it will go over my pink hair. I dyed my hair pink two weeks ago & I want to go back to my natural color which is brown. I bleached my hair before going pink. Is there any possible way I could also get the bleach out of my hair or would I have to dye over it?

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    6 thoughts on “Can I dye my hair brown over pink hair?

    • Josh says:

      yes yu can when yur brown starts to wear out yu will eventually start to see the pink come though just a lil bit trust me i have died my hair so many times i died my hair red and died it blonde and yu couldnt even tell it was red but yeah yu can die of yur pink nothing will happen.

    • caz5316 says:

      the bleach strips the colour from your hair so you wouldnt be able to get the bleach out but if you choose a hair dye thats similar to your natural colour it will cover the bleach and the pink.

      good luck x

    • DanniDelusion says:

      you cannot get bleach out of your hair,
      bleach changes your actual hair molucules, therefore is permenent.
      all you can do is dye over it.
      but dying it brown over pink will go fine (:

    • People of the moon says:

      yes, you can dye it brown over pink and it will be fine but no there is no way to get the bleach out. It would be fine to dye over the bleach though don’t worry about it. try not to dye your hair so much though.

    • Catty says:

      No way of getting bleach out of your hair. It removes the colour pigment, and it’s a permanent procedure. My advice is to bleach it again (only if you haven’t bleached your hair a lot already), then dye your hair a warm caramel brown, and then if you want it a darker shade, then go from there. But my advice is to buy salon-product strengthening shampoo and conditioner. My recommendations are Kerastase Bain de Force, or Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner. Both strengthen and protect your hair against chemical and heat damage, and mean you can continue to colour your hair.
      But if you notice your hair weak and brittle, or falling out in larger than normal quantities, seek advise from your hairdresser, who can help you from there.

      Good Luck

    • Hand Banana says:

      I don’t have an actual answer for you, but I found this question because I’m wondering the same thing. From what I can understand, you have to look at the base color of your hair and the color you want to dye it, using color theory. I don’t know if that helps. Good luck!

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