• can i dye my auburn hair to blonde?

    about a week ago i dyed my hair auburn on accident. i used a non permanent hair dye. i naturally have blonde hair, i thought i was dying my hair medium brown but it came out auburn and i hate it! now im planning on dying it blonde. will it work? i read that it will come out orange and the red will never go away, but i used non permanent so is that still true? please help!

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    8 thoughts on “can i dye my auburn hair to blonde?

    • Bubbly says:

      your just going to make it worse if you keep dying it. Let it run it’s course, try lots of showers

    • I will cook and eat Chaka says:

      blonde isn’t a dye it’s a bleaching element. . . i recommend you speak to a pro. . . penny wise, pound foolish. . . ya know? lol

    • PATRICK says:

      only one way to find out

    • John's mommy says:

      you best bet is to go to Sally’s beauty supply and get “color corrector”. This stuff strips the dye out of your hair without touching your natural color. It doesn’t damage the hair either. It totally works because I went from blood red/black to light blonde in 2 treatments. Use the corrector first, and then dye your hair the color you want a couple days later. If you try to bleach it or just dye over it, then yes your hair will look orange because auburn has red tint to it.

    • Sarah says:

      just keep washing it but if you dont want 2 wait that long for it to come out go 2 the hairdressers and they can strip your hair and then bleach it dont die it blonde yourself it will be really really orange

    • Camillee xoo says:

      If you want to go actually blonde and not orange, you have to go to a professional, if you put any bleach in your hair that is. Usually when you go to a professional and get blonde hair, they put bleach in no matter what, and then they usually put a Toner in your hair to make it more golden or blonde instead of “bleached” blonde. They dont sell real hair bleach at a regular store and if they do and it says so on the box, it’ll come out yellow or orange, NOT actually “blonde” .

      Want to be a blonde? and have it come out well. . . actually blonde? lol then go to a professional and get it done. I’ve had bleach blonde hair for a year but ended up having to dye it back dark becuase the upkeep was too expensive, bleach for hair is alotttttt of $$$. But yeah whateverm good luck

    • i.<3.thinking.about.life. says:

      It’s risky when you dye your hair. You never really know what color it will turn out to be. If it it isn’t carrot orange, I’d just keep the hair color again until you start seeing your roots. Everyone loves auburn hair. Who knows! You may get lots of complements. I suggest you ask your friends what they think before you do anything. Girls tend to hate their new hairstyles at first. . . then they start liking them.

      Best of luck!

    • SMEG AND THE HEADS says:

      If you have pretty dark hair and you wanna go blonde; always go to a hairdresser. . .

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