• Best age to dye your hair a different color?

    Well then. . Im a little bored and wonder what is the best age to dye your hair a different color LMI hinking atm.Im thought about a dark brown atm is like a dark blonde.

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    18 thoughts on “Best age to dye your hair a different color?

    • Edes!! says:

      Not too young, because it can ruin your hair. And did not dye too often, because it can dry your hair.

    • Abi says:

      especially mom dad say a wat

    • Nessa says:

      Most girls start at 13 or 14.

    • Charize F says:

      When you graduate high school. . .

    • Vicky says:

      Well, my younger sister dyed her hair, like, last Wednesday. . . shes 11. so uh, almost any age you want, or pro, age 11 and older.

    • Umair says:

      To die ur hair can b dangerous for ur hair, then u advice I do not dye hair. . . Real is much better than artificial.

    • Jack is SCX! :P says:

      it does not really hard when u do, so simple that even if I’d thought 11

    • Nicole says:

      I dyed my when I was 14 or 15, but it was a very red and it took a while to make dye. Make sure it is not an extreme color, maybe try a natural color of the first times, and also a semi-permanent so as not to damage your hair.

    • m!chel@ says:

      First I removed when I was 13 the first color Ansett my head 17

    • Jenni says:

      I think 15 or 16 is a good age. Until then, you have more of a Memorandum of Understanding on what you want. When you’re young, you can dye your hair in one month and next month, you may change your mind about it and want to dye your hair again. If you start dying your hair a lot can permanently damage your hair.

    • badboy5 says:

      age does not matter my friend. . If you can keep your hair you can dye your hair at any age!

    • PinkyP says:

      ^”My ami”lol reminds me of John McCain. . . I started when I was 11 and my g-MA does and shes 60

    • lauren says:

      I started dying my own when I was 12, but make sure you’ve done by a hairdresser, if your request for semi-permanent color that the young do not always go how you want aussi.Assurez that you do not go dark when you can not go lighter in color than that if you ever want to change.

    • Gemma says:

      its best to dye your hair when you are older you may damage your hair, so young, especially if you continue to do so! If you’re desperate to dye your hair right now so do not keep dying over and over again! and use a dye which is soft and light on the hair, not too severe

    • rustybones says:

      There is no age to die all of your hair. You should consider things like, you’ll be able to keep the coloring process, can you pay the price, how much will damage your hair and what the results will be similar.

    • Hannnah x says:

      i died my hair when i was 12 and now im 13 and i might die it agien next week and im fine lol xx

    • m123 says:

      i think around jr. high school. But younger then 15 should only get highlights or lowlights.

    • ashepaprd says:

      First of all, all these kids on here talking about “dieing” their hair need to be old enough to know what they are getting in to before they do all this to their head. I mean they cannot even spell dye correctly so what does this say about their mentality of wanting to dye their hair anyway.

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