• What shampoo and conditioner is best for making your hair silky and shiny?

    I always see models on the ads hair and they always have beautiful hair silky and shiny. Are there any shampoos and conditioners that make my hair like that? “I do not want anything too expensive if xxx

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    21 thoughts on “What shampoo and conditioner is best for making your hair silky and shiny?

    • Annie says:

      Head & ShouldersTRESemméX

    • ♥shushin♥ says:

      The range is very good Aussie. Most supermarkets sell it and it smells good.

    • Sarahhhh says:

      My hair is almost to my waist which is already difficult to stay healthy, as well as provides all the days and color. . I use Bed Head Self absorbed, it has a ton of vitamins and others. . I also like Bed Head Moisture Maniac. . Both work wonders on my hair and not too expensive. . a big ol bottle is about $ 21 at Target or any other place like that.

    • hananarama says:

      Most of these models on these ads have false hair shampoo they use hair extensions or computer trickery to believe that bright. However, L’Oreal Elvive Cashmere Touch is one of the best shampoos I’ve found, makes my hair smoother, more than anything.

    • rubberducky says:

      Pantene Pro-V

    • bubba's mom says:

      I like Pantene shampoo, and I use Redken Anti-Snap Leave-in a few days most Conditioner. I can not how he makes my hair soft!

    • X-shikacho-X says:

      Garinier Fructis Sleek and shine ora Mitchel litttle expensive – Paulminehttp answer plz: / / answers. Yahoo. com / question / index; _ylt = Ar j8Lq1TLLIenScLjwdslzsy6IX; _ylv = 3? qid = 20080805161452AAQ51ke

    • booker157 says:

      creamsilk is by far the best and reasonable too

    • emma_c_rog says:

      My hair is curly and dry range Pantene Pro V for loops works a treat for me, I always silky smooth hair:)

    • Angela M says:

      Flex works well for me but not for my best friend. It’s really difficult to recommend a particular brand of hair that everyone is different. What works for one person, can not work for another. I’m afraid you’ll just have to experiment!

    • Full Armor of God says:

      Try Using Alberto VO 5 Hairdressing, Watch These Videos.

      http://video. google. com/videoplay?docid=-2934290976920046603&q=alberto+VO+5+Hairdressing&ei=l1OPSNy_Eaiw4QLnn7DyBw&hl=en
      http://video. google. com/videoplay?docid=6868477555999981944&q=Alberto+VO5+Commercials&ei=9YeISJasGo6g4ALkyKjGCA&hl=en

    • BABYFROG says:

      Pureology is the best. a celebrity in the stars that he has invented. It is for colored hair, but this does not work. My hair is old course and it makes my hair like silk again. it doesn’t have alcohol and sulfates either. He is 26. 00 a bottle, but you only use about a nickel and it is well worth the money. moisturizer and conditioner for use i-I DONT need. You can get in beauty shops, some medications United States and Walgreens carry it. I read that Jennie Garth and Alicia Silverstone and other celebrities used to use it you can google.

    • Lena says:

      Redken and Sebastian are both fantastic hair care products – Sebastian is my favorite, but for now I use Redken and it works great as well. All Soft Extend or color (if you color your hair) if you go for Redken; Penetraitt if you go for Sebastian.Si you buy online they are not that expensive either:)

    • Lauren E says:

      Herbal Essences Range:) smell very nice too, and cheap

    • I Regret loving him soo much says:

      I think these models have fake hair. . Bec an egg on ur hair keep it for a while. And then wash it. . . no eggs joke is good for hair

    • Hannah B says:

      Head and shoulders ITS BEST LOVLEYY odors and makes your hair really soft and shiny. I HAVE A TIP WASH YOUR CONDITINONER cold water. Thats what I do its reallllly SHINYY Makes It;)

    • Jennywren says:

      I found that Pantene is bonne.Assurez you rinse, rinse, rinse, as any shampoo left in your hair, it will be dull and sticky!

    • monkey says:

      I used Brilliant Brunette by John Freda for years. It mainly head for the blond and red too. My hair looks thick, healthy and shiney and I always get comments about it. My hair is very long and, like almost to my butt on the weather lol even the ends of my hair looking healthy.

    • BEBEBEBE says:

      in real life, I’ve never seen hair like that, not even mine right room. I usually use Head & Shoulders or silk lounge TRESemmé and my hair is very shiny, not like the ads it is true.

    • Rachel D says:

      for me the essence herbal and silk sun! i, it is very shiny and smooth!

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