• Redken Products vs. Pureology Products?

    Hey everyone! I have color-treated, Damaged, Frizzy, dry hair.

    i have a few questions on both of these brands :

    Whats your favourite Redken AND Pureology shampoo and conditioner and why ? :

    Does Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner really work for damaged hair ?

    Which brand do you like better? Pureology, Or redken ?


    & i’ve heard pureology was AMAZING, and Redken was REALLY good too, i’m stuck between them both!
    I’m leaning towards Pureology Essentials. It repairs your hair, too.
    I’m thinking of buying the whole Pureology Essentials Repair set.

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    2 thoughts on “Redken Products vs. Pureology Products?

    • Katie J says:

      I like both. . . but my absolute favorite is Redken. The extreme line is amazing. And this is what i would recommend to you. First i would use extreme shampoo and conditioner every other day (don’t wash everyday if you have damaged hair) and then once a week i would use extreme rescue force (deep conditioner), and after each time you get out of the shower i would put extreme anti snap and satinwear in your hair to prevent further damage. I promise you that if you use these products you will see a difference. Redken is Absolutely amazing

    • The Scars That Never Fade says:

      I would not suggest Redken. First of all, it smells horrendous [at least to me] and second it will probably damage your hair further. Why?

      Because it contains sulfates!

      Sulfates are contained in most shampoos which lead to dry, frizziness, and color fade! Fortunately, Pureology doesn’t contain sulfates so your way better off with that!

      GL and happy hair days!

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