• My 5 year old daughter has beautiful long blond hair that gets very knotty?

    Can you reccommend a good conditioner. We use tressemme at the moment. I only wash her hair once a week because it takes so long to dry naturally.

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    23 thoughts on “My 5 year old daughter has beautiful long blond hair that gets very knotty?

    • tracey.white2 says:

      avon de tangling shampoo/conditioner its gentle on kids hair

    • Bobby J says:

      My girlfriend uses Toni and guy leave in conditioner for her long curly hair, it does get very knotty and that helps untangle it and keep it soft and tangle free!

    • babidoozer says:

      The thing about hair. . . it grows back. Trim it up a little. The knots could be from split ends. Don’t use adult conditioners on her hair. Use a childs leave in conditioner. Put it on her hair after it is washed. That is much better than adult products.

    • rachealuk says:

      my 5 year daughters hair also gets knotty, i use any conditioner which i comb through. like you i only wash hers once a week . but the only thing that stops it getting knotty is putting it into plaits. all day and night. just an hour not in plaits means it all gets really really knotty!

    • Corinne says:

      that seems to be the problem then, only washing once a week, it will get knotty,
      I suggest you stop using tressemme I personally think it is not very good switch to the loreal kids shampoo and conditioner, the conditioner is gorgeous and comes in a strawberry, they also do a detangling spray which you can leave in and it protects the hair, I think if you wash her hair twice a week it will be better, and dont worry about using the hairdryer, she is only 5 her hair is strong and it wont cause damage, use it on a cool heat.

    • FRetTinG NoT! says:

      Just let it get knotty!! She can have dreadlocks then!! So much better than long, shiny, silky hair!! Or alternatively just cut it all off!!

    • Mas says:

      Johnstons kids shampoos are great they have a detangle product as well which works. Also have her hair trimmed every 6 weeks to avoid split ends.

    • Pippa Pan says:

      Try brushing the hair quite often throughout the day and/or keep it tied up to prevent it getting more knotty in the day.

    • smurfette says:

      use also a leave in conditioner as well as keeping it plated at night time.

    • Trudiev says:

      You should probably keep it plated to stop it tangling during the day and night. I think a baby conditioner would be best and softest.

      I bet it realy is beautiful if hard work!

    • T-NEE says:

      any conditioner should be fine, just leave it on for 1 to 2 mins before rinsing it off.
      i’d also brush her hair before and after baths.
      hope that helps. .

    • jane w says:

      charles worthington leave in conditioner. i have always used this on my own and my little girls hair. You can only get it at boots though. it last ages aswell good luck x

    • .:Georgeorini:. says:

      I have long black hair and after I shower I spray conditioner in my hair and leave it in for a few seconds then comb and brush it.

    • emma h says:

      i used tea tree conditioner and left it in over night on my daughters hair. its good for getting rid of nits to. i always put my daughters hair in platts for school. shes 12 now and platts are no good unless i sit there all night and put 100 platts in.

    • Caramel_07 says:

      My sister has long hair n it does get notty quick also she uses this leave in conditioner from avon and it so good it smells beautiful and comes with shampoo n different types of sprays aswell.

    • emilyb165 says:

      I used to use St Ives Mud Miracle, which was fantastic, but I cna’t seem to find it in the shops. If you see it, then definitely use that. Otherwise, any deep conditioner (Dove is good) it really depends on how much you want to spend. For a long term solution, I’d recommend getting a trim, it only has to be about 1 or 2 inches, which will get rid of split ends which cause this type of tangling.

    • Mooifleur says:

      try nexus or paul mitchel. They are very good salon quality conditioner. Also, it might help to use a leave in conditioner.

    • richa says:

      my 3 year daughter had beautiful long hair , i didnt cut her hair since she was born ,,,,but whenever i brushed her hair she used to cry coz of the tangles in her hair , so the other day i took the decision to chop them off , i knw its hard but end of the day shes got all her life infront of her to grow hair and probably dont listen to me when she gets 16 coz she wll chose her own hair style afterall i did the same to my mom when i turned 17. . . . . . . . , i coudnt take my daughters tears , and i think it was my selfishness to make her cry just because i like long hair , she doesnt even knw what long hair is ,,,,anyway now shes happy , easy combing and i can make nice little pony tails aswell ,,,,,
      for your daughter i would recommend JHONSONS JUNIOR , EASY COMBING SHAMPOO , thats what my kids use.

    • tinkerbellgrl114 says:

      I have a problem with knotty hair and even though im not a kid i use suave kids go go grape conditioner or suave professionals bio-basics conditioner they both work wonderful to detangle the hair, and there both very cheap. good luck!

    • KA says:

      i used to have this problem as did my cousin and i read a tip in a womens mag about leave in conditioner and tried it and it works it also has the added bonus of keeping nits at bay and at this age it’s likely that your child will get them at some point and using leave in conditioner means you just have to rough dry the hair put plenty on and it should brush straight through without any problems and it will be lovely and shiny and smooth in the morning. i hope this helps as it really helped us and my hair was half way down my back!

    • chaos4eternity says:

      Childrens hair is a lot finer and wispier than our own so it needs regular trims to help thicken it up. If you start to detangle from the ends using a detangling/ shine spray and then work your way up to the root, this will be much more comfortable for your little girl and will help the cuticle of the hair lie flat so it isn’t damaging the hair as much. Herbal essences is a good cheap range that smells lovely. My mum had the same problem with my hair at that age. This should help though. . . Hope it does :-)

    • jupiter says:

      Nexxus Humectress and keep it plaited up

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