• I can’t use conditioner as it makes my hair greasy, what should i do?

    all of my friends use conditioner but it just makes my hair greasy, what should i do to keep it looking nice?

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    15 thoughts on “I can’t use conditioner as it makes my hair greasy, what should i do?

    • skate says:

      Don’t use it seems like the obvious answer!

    • ♥♥JB♥♥ says:

      you are ment to put the conditioner just on the ends of your hair, it should only make it greasy if you are putting it on your scalp aswell.

    • Tonks says:

      try looking for some for your hair type and don’t use it on the top of your head just use it on the ends

    • Erin says:

      You could try using a leave-in conditioner after you shampoo, or maybe try a detangler. You don’t have to use conditioner after shampooing.

    • jash83 says:

      use a lighter conditioner. maybe one formulated for volume. dove shampoos and conditioners are good for not leaving a residue (which may, actually be the problem).

    • Enlightenment says:

      Don’t use conditioner

    • Veronica says:

      Maybe it’s the kinda conditioner your using. I would try John Freida they have really good products and my hair NEVER looks greasy. Or I would try Herbal Essences Drama Clean. It’s for people that get greasy hair and just want their hair to look and feel clean. Don’t stop using conditioner it’s good for your hair. Just don’t use a lot. :] Hope this helps !!

    • Barbie says:

      Try a leave in spray on conditioner, the Wella one is really light and great for detanlging!

    • meme says:

      coconut oil wrap head up in foil or towel then rince off

    • here2help says:

      use a shampoo that’s hydrating. my sister’s hair is the same way so she uses herbel essences hydrating shampoo

    • amr_gad76@ymail.com says:

      try to use henna and you will find good results

    • Jackie says:

      Everyone else is right, you should not put it on the roots of your hair, maybe get a spray on leave in conditioner which you can just spray at the ends. Also when shampooing your hair you maybe stimulate the glands in your scalp to much resulting in to much of the natural oils being released, don’t massage the scalp to much from now on and use a citrus shampoo ( lemon,orange or grapefruit ). Hope this helps!

    • preety3939 says:

      use conditioner on the ends and rinse all of your hair with cold water and dont use alot of conditioner like maybe the size of a nickel

    • BEBEBEBE says:

      just put it on at the ends not the roots. and keep shampooing, there is no need to use conditioner just because your friends do.

    • naturalhair88 says:

      Conditioner has to be applied away from the scalp, what I mean mostly on the tips. Hair can get greasy for various reasons. If you want to avoid greasy hair, the last rinse after shampoo should be cold water and dint dry your hair with a hair dryer immediately after shampoo give half an gap.
      Your sebaceous glands are active so we need to do a scalp hydration, lack of moisture causes greasiness. Check your diet, hair problems come due to lack of proteins and vitamin B6. Check a website www. ziravie. com which explains why we get hair problems and there is a chart of fruits and vegetables which are internal nourishment’s. Plus for external nourishment they have a very effusive lotion.

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