• How often to wash BLACK RELAXED hair?

    I know girls who only wash their hair when they relax it (every 2-3months), they say it helps with the essential oils produced, as we need it for relaxed hair. .

    I have always gone to the hair dressers every 3-4weeks for a wash and treatment. . .

    How often should you wash it. . . ?
    Shoulder length, good condition, no-lye relaxed hair. . .

    Using Keracare shampoo. . . any recommended deep conditioners?

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    7 thoughts on “How often to wash BLACK RELAXED hair?

    • cat says:

      You should get a wash and deep conditioner every 2 weeks.

    • Fashion Princ3ss says:

      wash maybe twice a week

    • hot_mama_of_five says:

      It takes a few days depending on shampoo for oil stripped during washing to naturally replenish themselves. That being said your scalp needs stimulation to grow. Go ahead, wash once a week!

      If you want to try another shampoo, try creme of nature citrus kiwi moisturizing or neutrogena triple moisture.

      For conditioning, I like neutrogena triple moisture daily deep conditioner. Towel dry and for ultimate conditioning follow with Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Conditioning Pack, which is excellent once-a-week!

      You can then towel dry well and to be most effective follow with a spray in leave in conditioner (a moisturizer based one, not protein based), such as John Frieda’s or Aussie. Finally, smooth on a dollop of John Frieda frizz-ease serum.

    • Esmeralda says:

      http://www. blackhairmedia. com
      Here you can find all the infos you need just click on “Discussion Forum ” its the best hair care site i know
      http://www. longhaircareforum. com is an informative site aswell . I ve been member of both boards for respectively 6 and 3 years .
      In order to retain lenght your scalp has to be CLEAN ,a 3 weeks unwashed scalp is clogged with dirt ,pollution and products build up .
      Mineral oil clog your scalp and hair preventing it from growing . Avoid it .
      Wash your hair once to 2ce a week (WATER IS MOISTURE ,OIL SEALS IT IN THE FOLLICLES AND SCALP) Deep condition (ALWAYS) I use Aveda Cherry BArk conditioner ,Oyin Hemp conditioner ,(http://www. oyinhandmade. com) Rhassoul Deep condish cubes (anita Grant) Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Conditioner (it leaves my hair super soft and nourished ,you ll love it! can find it on www. pureskincare. co. uk)
      Phytospecific Hair Mask is also excellent ! (make a search for retailers)
      Use a Mineral oil free Moisturizer with WATER as first ingredient . You can use Shea Butter (not the FAKE commercial products that claim to have shea butter and they list it as 7th ingredient after a long list of crap )
      http://www. anitagrant. com has an excellent hair butter very nourishing and softening .

      Check it all out !

    • LADY GEMINI says:

      I wash my hair every 10-12 days.

      I use Mane ‘N Tail Shampoo and Conditioner and Mane ‘N Tail Carrot Oil Creme and Doo Gro Growth Lotion.

    • Sharchessa W says:

      it all depends on what ur putting in ur hair to have to was it like things like gels or heavy greases or oils that will clog ur pores. i say for relaxed hair 1 ever 2- 3 weeks. and keep deep conditioning and keeping the ends trim and u ”ll be straight

    • thetheory says:

      Hi I wash my hair weekly, as the scalp perspires and pollution from traffic etc, isnt good for hair. and a build up of hair products, stop my scalp from breathing

      I use Keracare’s Shampoos and Conditioners, and by Affirm the same company who make Keracare. A ffirm 5in1 Reconstructor as a deep conditioner steam once every 2 weeks

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