• Dull, Dry Lifeless Hair! HELP!?

    I have just recently cut my hair short. i have curly hair so i have to straigten it every day. since it has been cut my hair has absolutely no shine, its dry and feels really coarse. Its terrible!

    I have tried just about every treatment out there and every shampoo and conditioner but nothing works!

    Is there some kind of super vitamin or something i can take??

    Im desperate.

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    10 thoughts on “Dull, Dry Lifeless Hair! HELP!?

    • Misty says:

      soak your hair in olive oil and wrap it up and leave it for anywhere from 10 mins to over night. . . the rinse it out. . you’ll be all shiny.

    • xxxmetalmouthxxx says:

      try using a leave in conditioner and some sort of cream like something from garnier fructise. also get a shampoo and conditioner specifically for dry hair
      also dont wash you hair everyday
      wash it every other day and your hair will slowly go back to normal

      i just recently dyed mine and if i wash it everyday it feels like straw but i wash it one day and the next day i use conditioner and it feels soft.

      good luck

    • J Stang says:

      Having your hair cut doesn’t have anything to do with your current hair situation. . . it is merely a coincidence I’d say. The daily straightening is probably starting to show. Having it cut/trimmed is actually a good thing.

      Have you tried anything in the Joico K-Pak line? Their shampoos, conditioners and treatments are nothing short of awesome. K-Pak helps to rebuild your hair, repair damage, and strengthen it back up, plus add lots of moisture. It sounds like the K-Pak products would help you out a lot right now, especially since you are straightening your hair daily. Heat-treated or chemically damaged hair really needs special attention to look its best.

      I first tried the K-Pak after having all my hair highlighted. . . the highlighting had really dried my hair out, making it brittle, lifeless, and completely dull. I used the K-Pak shampoo, conditioner, and serum. . . it did wonders. Within a week, the texture of my hair felt so much better, and it was starting to get back to being healthier again. It really was a lifesaver for my hair. My hair is back to being in great shape again, so now I only use the K-Pak products once a week for maintenance, and use my regular Biolage shampoo/conditioner on the other days.

      I didn’t use to think using salon products could really make that much of a difference, but it does. They are well worth what they cost, once you’ve seen such drastic improvements in your hair. I will never, ever use a product that’s not salon brand again! Every time I have a haircut, my stylist always comments on what great shape my hair is in.

    • huvens-haven says:

      i would try sun silk.

    • MizzDixon says:

      The first step is to stop straightening it everyday. U have prob damaged it that way. Since u have naturally curly hair play that up sometimes so u can stray away from the heat. Use moisturizers for curly hair. There are lots of them out there but make sure the first ingredient is NOT ALCOHOL. It will keep drying it out. If u have to flat iron use a heat protector. When u shampoo use ntg but moisture based shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. Do them consecutively bc u didn’t damage ur hair overnite and u wont be able to get it bak rite overnite but it can be done. Ive been there. . . gd luck chik!!

    • honeohhone says:

      first of all cutting your hair does not leave it dry and lifeless. . your hair was always that way even before cutting. you need to get you some biologe hydrating shampoo and ultra balm conditioner. . . than you need to drop the flat iron for a while and use some ringlet by redken to perfect your curls. the heat from the iron is more than likely causing damamge. you may also want to give your hair a boost of protien each day and use the redken extreme line of products. . this is good for mechanically damaged hair. if you have hightlights, do a color back to something darker, it always softens the hair. for now you need to use styling products that have light but effective hold like waxes and pomades. good luck

    • xomcflyluvr says:

      you should put olive oil or petroeleum jelly in your hair to give it a little bit more moistness. hope this helps. . xoxo

    • morenabombomusa says:

      i have curly hair. . . and curly hair its not suppose to be short. . . what you have to do is let it grow back. . and @ the mean while try using the loreal line for curly hair. . .

      http://www. lorealparisusa. com/_us/_en/default. aspx#page=top{nav|media:_blank|overlay:_blank|diagnostic|main:beautyfilter//HairType+LOP_Haircare_HairType_Curls;category+AXE_Haircare//|userdata//d+d//}

    • Hilary B says:

      Use Redken Anti-Snap leave in conditioner and it should help your hair from breaking off and give you the right amount of moisture that you are lacking. If you want to make is shinny use BioSilk hair serum. Just remember when using hair products less is more. Use only a small pea size amount and work it through your hands and then try to apply to all of you hair evenly. Dont put it all in on spot or you’ll look like you have oily hair. You can use and hair serum or hair polish. Try redkin products they offer anything you would need and they work great. I also use the Redken extreme line for my shampoo and conditioner. But if you use the leave in treatment dont use regular conitioner. I have been coloring my hair for almost 10 years and it still feels and looks great.

    • Violet Ofelia says:

      OK, I have curly hair and I straighten it too but then I tousle it.
      here are some tips:
      * don’t wash your hair every day. Wash it every 3-4 days.
      *don’t straighten it every day, just touch it up.
      *when you do wash your hair, use a nourishing conditioner and shampoo, then immerse your hair in cold water to close the follicles and prevent frizz. Then use a leave in conditioner and heat defence spray/treatment.
      *buy a heat defence treatment that you can apply to hair when its dry, so when you touch up
      *Leave your hair to dry naturally, hairdryers just make your hair even dryer.
      *get your hair trimmed every 6-8weeks

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