• Best shampoo & conditioner for bleached hair?

    Whats the best shampoo & conditioner for bleached blonde hair, to keep the colour vibrant and blonde, get rid of any brassyness and repair dry damaged hair? From the UK, cheers :)

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    3 thoughts on “Best shampoo & conditioner for bleached hair?

    • ChrissyBear17 says:

      Shimmer Lights!! Its a protein-enriched color enhancing shampoo. Tones down brassiness on blonde / gray hair. Shampoos away yellow. Refreshes faded highlighted hair. Tones down brassines. Maintains and refreshes cool, ash-toned haircolor. Leaves hair shiny without residue.

      You can get this product at a Sallys Beauty Store, if you cant find one near you use their website!
      I would recommend using this product 1-2 times a week WITH the shampoo+conditioner.

      http://www. sallybeauty. com/Conditioning-Shampoo/CLAIRL3,default,pd. html

    • L91 says:

      I’m also from the UK and have highlights regularly; I love Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes shampoo & conditioner; the shampoo is dark purple and contains ingredients to brighten your colour.

      On the second use (it’s recommended you use it once a week and use a different shampoo in between) I had 3 people ask me if I’d had my highlights re-done, so it must work!

      I also use a Lee Stafford treatment for dry, straightened hair between the shampoo & conditioner every day and it’s noticeably improved the condition of my hair. :)

    • Svetlana says:

      You can try SOOCHAEWHA HAIR Conditioner http://www. amazon. co. uk/gp/product/B0032TL4VA?ie=UTF8&tag=httpwwwhomega-21&linkCode=as2&camp=1634&creative=19450&creativeASIN=B0032TL4VA

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