• What color will my hair turn if i bleach it ?

    Okay here it goes i have never bleache my black hair and i wanna bleach it im only 13 and i want to know how and what color my hair will turn when i bleach it ? please help me im a wreck and i wanna bleach my hair so badly

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    46 thoughts on “What color will my hair turn if i bleach it ?

    • L.azyE.ccentricA.w yeaL.ovely says:

      it’ll turn a blondish color.

    • michelle says:


      and it damages your hair

    • yankeesman says:


    • Izzy says:

      white like snow white. dye it back, or a demi

    • 10 year old genious says:


    • sparkle_shine_49 says:

      a really white-blonde

    • vw2kbug says:

      You said your hair is black, it will not turn white. . or whitish. It will damage it a little depending on who does it. But it will turn shades of orange/ yellowish, then they can dye it in colors of brown-reddish family.

    • windwakermaster19 says:

      i have no idea ask the person you buy it from

    • hardspacecore says:

      It won’t be blonde right away. Bleaching black hair is a long process if you want to do it correctly and not ruin your hair. You should really get it done professionally, otherwise you will end up with frizzy hair that feels like a horse’s mane, and you will be much more of a wreck than you claim to be now.

    • **~(=Roxie=)~** says:

      umm. idk. . ask a Beautician. Sorry.

    • Hendra L says:

      Your so young. Your hair color is most likely fine. Be natural!

    • Catori C says:

      It will be a mix of colours. . Light blonde,dark blonde,orange, and yellow. Go get it bleached by a pro.

    • someone says:

      I don’t recommend

    • ptrobrn says:

      bleach blonde. . . it will be very light colored almost white depending on your hair. Check out the girls on the girls next door. . . the main one is a bleach blonde i think.

    • The Photographer says:

      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      don’t do the whole head, trust me.

      but anyways, it’ll probably be a very messy light brown, with some remaining bits of black and blonde.

      This is coming from the person with platinum and brown hair at the moment.

      PS. it might fall out if you over-process. happened to me, please, be careful!

    • Sara N says:

      black hair is gorgeous! If you bleach it it will be yellow and brittle. Take it from a 13 year old who did the same thing. ME!

    • peroxything - says:

      itll turn an orangey color
      ud have to go to a salon, dont mess it up.

    • samanthajay says:

      my friend that has extremely dark brown hair just bleached hers, and it turned out a dark blonde color. put alot of bleach in it so it’s lighter.

    • Bettyyyyyy says:

      dont do it! it damages hair!

    • lalaboombang says:

      white or very VERY blondish hair kinda colour
      i suggest not to . it ruins yur hair. your hair
      will start to become very dry and unhealthy!
      mabey just streaks i guess :S

    • Jen says:

      It’ll turn a blondish white, but it really wrecks your hair, you should try getting it done professionally.

    • laurellen34 says:

      blondish, but what are you bleaching your hair for? your so young, probably too young to take care of it properly and if you dont your hair will SURELY fall out! be careful.

    • Shirley S says:

      like a white color. . dye it blonde after you bleach

    • Quinn says:

      Probably orange.

    • Scooby B says:

      very weird. u better hope it wont make ya bald. white maybe. or brown

    • candy.assss says:

      if your only 13, I wouldn’t do it yourself. I do it all the time, but I know what I’m doing. Anyways, if your going from black, it will turn to like a carmel brown. You’ll have to bleach it AT LEAST twice, the second time around it might turn orangish, when I go from black two times usually does the trick though.

    • Allison B says:

      It will turn several different shades and take forever and cause major damage to your hair. If you’re set on doin it ask your parents and go to a salon

    • Shunny says:

      Ideally, your hair would become a light brown or blond, but because of all the redness in dark hair, a non-expert would probably bleach it orange.

    • wilson w says:

      Oh, God. . . please don’t do it yourself. With super dark hair like yours, unless you strip the hair of color prior to bleaching it, your hair will turn an orange-ish color. In that case, you’ll have to go ot a stylist to fix it anyway. Just nip it in the bud and leave it to a professional.

    • ? says:

      umm never bleach it yourself. it depends on how long you keep the bleach in for. it will go from black to dark brown to light brown to dark orange to light orange to blonde to white

    • star.light244 says:

      Your hair will turn white/blond

      Bleaching is a process done to make hair lighter. Choosing to bleach hair is a daring decision has once hair are bleached there is no way you can go back to the original hair color. At the maximum what you can do is, dye your hair again to the color similar of your original hair. Here are guidelines to bleach hair at home.

      Preparing the mixture

      Generally instructions are written on the kit. Read them carefully.

      To prepare the mixture start with adding little hydrogen peroxide (provided in the kit) to the powder bleach.

      Stir it well. Then add some more peroxide. Make sure that you do not add lot of it. This little by little mixing is essential for good result.

      Make sure that it is neither too runny nor too thick.

      Tightly close the bleach powder after use. It should not come in contact with air or else it will become less influential.

      Applying the bleach

      First prepare yourself for the bleaching. Wear your plastic gloves and tie a towel on your neck that you don’t mind ruining. Now you are all set for the bleaching.
      Take the supplied brush in your hand. Dip it in the solution and then start from the back of your head. Then from the back of the head move the brush to the top. With the help of the brush evenly distribute the mixture. Work as quickly as possible so that you can distribute it evenly on your head before it gets tougher. Once you have applied the solution put on the plastic cap on your head.
      Do make sure that you keep the solution on your head for appropriate time. Keeping it for a short time won’t give you result and keeping it for more than required time will burn your hair and may result into breakage and hair loss.
      After you rinse all the bleach off your hair use a mild shampoo to ensure that no chemicals are left on hair. After the bleaching process moisturizing hair is must since bleaching dries hair. If you are not satisfied by the bleaching result do not re- bleach the hair same day. Wait for at least 2-3 days or take help from experts.
      People generally choose bleaching hair so that they can get the best result when they dye their hair. However, if proper care is not taken while bleaching, then one might have to search for ‘best hair growth’ treatment.

    • candice says:

      if ur hair is brown now it will turn blonde
      if it is black it will be an orangeish color
      if it is red it will be fine too
      i have done every color i know!

    • enjoy3131 says:

      it will probably turn whiteish blonde or and orangeish color. try bleaching it a tiny bit in chunk in the back to make sure you want it that color. if worst comes to worst , you can just cut off that chunk.

    • a57moon says:

      From my experienc( I did this shortly after moving to California form New york) My hair turned bright reb form dark auburn when I moved from NY to L. A. as a kid. When that started to fade out. . . . I tried the bleaching. . . and it turned a bright yellow blonde. This was PRE- dennis rodman or any rap stars. ( Yeah, we are talking 1971).

      Personally. . . if you can do a small section ( or have someone do it for you ) first, you can see how u like it. If not then perhaps you can cut it off. ( Just the small section )

    • cuteolegy101 says:

      ok my cousin who is 19 tanned with black hair bleaches it and it turns orangey browney blonde which looks great but in the sun it goes more orangey which a few ppl dont like

    • brianna says:

      do NOT bleach your hair. im 13 too. it wont look good it will go really blonde, like. . . . un-natuaral blond. and if u leave it in too long it could go white!!!!! yeah dont do it. it will look HORRIBLE in a couple of months when your natural hair grows back, you will have super dark roots on really ligh hair. plus bleach is horrible for you, it soaks into your skin and does all kinds of damage!! and your hair will get frizzy because its like. . . . ruined. bleach is like all chemicals. trust me. do NOT do. it. be glad that u got blessed with black hair, very few people hhave it. it is unique and georgeos. god bless.

    • pretty36 says:

      i think you need to ask your mother first because i think it will be orange and i think your to young to start to bleach your hair

    • Brenda Z says:

      whiteish and yellowish

      and it damages your hair

    • doubleyou b says:

      white like the snow, dry like the martini I drink, and ugly like the hair of a witch. Unless you think witches are hot.

    • melissamorgangrace says:

      I boxed dyed my hair a plum color , I hated it so I went to a professional and he had to bleached it to remove my color , it turned very very pale Blonde almost white , my roots turned orange . . . no joke , I got it colored light brown , during the bleaching my head so itchy and it burned so bad, if you really what it done go to a pro or get a back up color to cover it if you don’t like it and wear gloves !

    • bethrikcharleymcloud says:

      if black is your natural hair colour then go to the hairdressers and get blonde highlights all over on the other hand if your black hair has been dyed black get it stripped at the hairdressers and then highlighted as highlights look more natural you dont want bleached blonde hair and look cheap do you? x

    • coley says:

      I’m a hairdresser.

      There is not a chance that I would dye someone whose hair is naturally black to a blonde. Not only is it too hard on the hair and too hard for maintenance, it just would not suit the tone of your skin.

      If you attempt this at home, my money is on it turning into a really nasty orange colour. Black hair can only lift so far hon.

      If you really want something done go to a hairdresser, and go for red tones or a chocolate brown. Naturally black hair looks fantastic anyways and I’m sure it would make you look so much prettier.

    • Stephanie S says:

      It will turn a real light blonde

      http://xavierziemba. com/blog/2008/01/19/bleached-hair/

      Go here and you will see an example

    • ss_dee says:

      It’ll turn piss yellow. . . and then you will have to keep bleaching it.

    • ? says:

      You need to be extremely careful in trying to bleach dark har . . . . the pigment in dark hair is very strong and so it may take more than one bleaching to take the pigment out – at best you might be lucky to get a sort of yellow bleached colour because of it . . . .
      in doing that process you will (if you try to do it yourself at home) undoubtedly damage the hair with such harsh chemical treatment – which could end up with your hair breaking really badly – perhaps breaking at the roots! – you could end up with bald patches or bald all over because you have damaged the hair and burnt the scalp so badly . . . . .
      at 13 years I think your mother should be involved in anything you do to your hair like this . . . the proceedings need to be done professionally (not at home) and a careful eye kept on how it’s done to make sure your hair and scalp are looked after and not damaged . . . . . here’s a suggestion – instead of bleaching your whole head, why don’t you go for a style that will allow you to have the tips bleached only . . . . that way if the worst happens and the hair breaks because of the bleaching treatment – you can just have your hair cut shorter . . . no bald patches or burnt scalp then!
      As I said I think a really good, recommended stylist and colourist (if you really must bleach your hair) is the only way to go to prevent any damage causing short term embarrassment and, maybe, longterm harm. . . . .

    • cinderella says:

      first of all dying hair from black to blonde is not as easy as it seems when 60vol peroxide was available(the chemical used for bleaching high lift colours i. e blonde) you could get e relatively nice blonde colour but you cant get 60vol now so you don’t get as much lift i guess it would lift to orange or a nasty yellow but take warning!!! go to a professional salon and get advise it can be done by a qualified colour technician don’t do it yourself at home or you will be in buckets of tears and any chemicals ON your hair is not good

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