• what color is best to reduce red but not turn my hair black?

    so my natural color is redish orange and i have been dying my hair brown. but i just started dying my roots because each time i dyed it all, it would get darker, almost black. but now my hair looks streaky and on the bottom layer its very light and you can see the orange.
    and now my orange roots are starting to show. i think i need to dye all of my hair. but i have no idea what color?
    im thinking ash to reduce the red tones?
    but light, medium?

    the last time i did a light brown my roots came out brighttt orange.
    im afriad of that happening again. but i dont want to do medium because im afraid all of my hair will go black?
    someone helpppp?

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    5 thoughts on “what color is best to reduce red but not turn my hair black?

    • nendlin says:

      i have very srong hair colour too almost black years ago they would have to bleach first then put a colour on hair the likes of urs or mine. i have found a product with no need for prelightner stated on the box as u can see from my piccie it takes well and the colour that its ment to be its Loriel paris excellence creme xx

    • krissy says:

      you might have too buy bleach and then buy the color you want. the bleach just strips the color so you can change it easier. they sell it with other dye products

    • runeatsleeprepeat says:

      First off, before you begin experimenting with new colors, you need to dye your hair back to it’s original color (this may mean dying it more orange/red than it is). It’s probably best if you have a professional give you the right match (but you can use an at-home kit). Next, for the brown . . experiment with some wash-out colors (like Loving Care, which lasts 6-12 shampoos). This kind of dye will allow you to find the perfect match without damaging your hair since it’s not permanent. For your shade, I would suggest using the exact color you want since your hair is so light, the brown with turn out as a warmer tone . . the thing right now :] Once you find the perfect shade, either go to the salon and have it permanently dyed or buy the permanent dye of that same color (on the box there are coordinating shades to go from wash-out to permanent so you can’t go wrong). As for the orange roots, once your hair starts to grow out, you can use brown or light black mascara (yes, mascara) to “fill in” the color and cover up your roots (kinda weird but it works, just go light). Good luck !

    • manonbly says:

      I am feeling your pain. Let me give it to you straight. Please stop coloring your hair yourself. Your hair color kept getting darker due to overlapping the products. Is your hair also pretty fine? Yes ash will counteract the warm tones but your situation is more complicated than just that. Please seek out a color correction specialist. This is delicate work. Your hair is damaged, porous and several colors. You can not just dump one ash tone of brown over it and expect a nice result.

    • rosanna3689 says:

      green neutralises red get some fairy wash liquid rub on to red this will fade the red then start from scratch

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