• is it safe to mix two different brands of hair dye if they’re the same color?

    i want to dye my hair blue black, and i got the Garnier 100% color hair dye. . . i have really thick hair and wanted to buy two boxes but they only had one of the Garnier. So i also picked out the Revlon colorsilk blue black dye. If i run out of the Garnier, will it be safe to use the Revlon in the rest of my hair? will choose best answer!

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    3 thoughts on “is it safe to mix two different brands of hair dye if they’re the same color?

    • DropClick says:

      Im not an expert with hair dye but personally I wouldn’t try it due to all the chemicals they put in that stuff. So if you still need to do it at least wait for one dye to settle in and then do the rest later. Good luck if you do though and tell me how it goes ^^

    • Raven says:

      i wouldnt mix them -you might get a bad reaction on your scalp . . . you could always dye it and leave it for a few days then go over any lighter patches :]
      -but one box should really be enough unless you have really long hair (does for about halfway down your back on thick hair.

      If youre dying it black from a much lighter colour the patches can be really visible if you do miss any, but you can only tell when its dry.

      Best to apply thinly through the nozzle to the roots of your hair and then massage in well, and then bunch up your hair and squeeze a load of dye into the middle and rub in lots.
      And newspaper on the floor if you have light carpet! it drips

    • Lini says:

      it wouldn’t be safe to do it,
      the colours might look the same on the box but none of the dyes are allowed to use the exact same chemicals as they’re like copyright formulas etc so some of the chemicals in one dye might react with some in the other dye

      (one box should be enough – i’m not a box dye expert as my salon does my hair but I did try it once dying my hair dark brown from blonde and my hair goes down about 3 inches below my shoulders and I have VERY thick hair and one box worked fine for me)

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