• How to lighten my foundation?

    So I bought Revlon ColorStay foundation a few days ago, and when I opened it to try it, it was too dark for me. I tried to return, but they wouldnt take it back because I had already opened. . . Is there anyway to lighten my foundation? Because I love Revlon ColorStay, and I do not want to buy a new bottle of it and I am a student on a budget! Should I mix it with a moisturizer?

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    6 thoughts on “How to lighten my foundation?

    • Giselle says:

      Maybe you can make a tinted moisturizer with it add more face daily moisturizer then foundation to even out the dark color

    • sftball81496 says:

      maybe you should try mixing it with some light white moisterizing stuff

    • Malynn says:

      Mixing it with moisturizer will make it more sheer. I know mac has this white like foundation that you use to mix in w/ your foundation to make it work. But if your on a budget that won’t work.

      So it would make it more like a tinted moisturizer if you wanna go that route :)

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    • misty says:

      Mix foundation with a light fake tan, mixing moisturiser only weakens the effect, it weakens it so it spreads more thats all. Fake tan has an resillence. great question. Try it an see by an ex beautitcian

    • MAV says:

      You can add some sunscreen to it!
      Or you can buy a cheaper foundation that is lighter and add a bit to it.
      I normally just use a sunscreen with a really high spf as the ingredient in sunscreen whitens skin when applied, so when you add it to your foundation it looks lighter.

    • Elton D says:

      I usually end up beginning cheap and trying out a few different ones. Do what fits your situation and I bet your gut will be right. I use http://BrandsMakeup.com

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