• How can I darken my bright blonde highlights to a darker blonde or light brown color?

    I have brown hair and just got two shades of highlights put in. One shade is a light brown which I love, the other shade is like a bright blonde, which I hate. How can I tone down that bright blonde to make it a light brown or darker blonde without ruining the rest of my hair color?

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    5 thoughts on “How can I darken my bright blonde highlights to a darker blonde or light brown color?

    • Nyk says:

      tough shit but there is a way, get some dark blond hightlights from a shop, make it and apply it on your hightlights that you want to change, then put a paperfoil on your head, use a hairdryer to heat it every now and again for at least 30 minutes you will see the change yourselve

      P. S. if you want it to be done correctly let someone help you(supervision)

    • S B says:

      I dont no but i herd in a book that if you want hilighs wen your hair isnt all ready hilighted you can use teeth wightening strips.

    • trixa says:

      i cant tell you what to do, but can advise you on what NOT to do. dont add a darker (brown shade) on top of peroxide, as it may go green,. Mine went a lovely khaki shade.

    • Jaimee1987 says:

      i assume when you say bright you mean like a brassy colour. you can buy hair toners that alter the shade of blonde without affecting the brown, you would need a dark ash colour. this will neutralise the harshness of the blonde and make it blend better. good luck hun and feel free the email me if your having trouble.

    • PiNK fR0StiNG says:

      go to the salon and ask for a change in the color, or use a brown dispensing color shampoo like brilliant brunette to enhance the brown color.

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