• Ash Blonde hair color get rid of orange right?

    okay so a few weeks ago i dyed my hair blonde and it was an orange color so i used ASH blonde hair color to get rid of the orange tint to it. it did work pretty well but my hair is bascially brown again and i wanted it blonde. i think maybe it was becasue i used ash blonde “cooler” which was a darker ash blonde. and it said 8A if that matters. but i was wondering if i used a “light ash blonde” hair color that it would still get rid on the orange tint as before and lighten my hair just a little bit too? whatever you think will work please helP! thank you!

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    6 thoughts on “Ash Blonde hair color get rid of orange right?

    • hana woo says:

      you should have used a light ash blonde in the first place. if the tint was just a semi permanent, you can scrub it out with cleansing shampoo to try and get it orange again and then put on the light ash. i did the same with my hair not long ago and coloured it with an ultra light blonde which lifted it again. i use aveda blue malva shampoo and conditioner to undercut all the orange and yellow i got and it worked a treat! good luck xxx

    • Sarah T says:

      If you are going several shades lighter you may have to go to a salon. Haircolor boxes usually aren’t strong enough to strip a lot of color without the orange look. But yes ASH is cooler and shouldn’t pull reds. You can also use a toner to add more “blue” cool tones . I reccomend going to a beauty school. They are cheaper than the salons, and you should get the same quality results. But definitely give your hair a rest, or the dye won’t hold. I found out by experience.

    • peachmelba says:

      the best thing to do is nip into your local hairdressers for some advice i know too much bleaching isnt good for your hair and to put another colour on your not sure about may cause more damage!

    • RAINBOW says:

      You would be best to go to a salon for a skin test and consultation.

    • NIGEL R says:

      the amount of money you,ll spend trying to get your hair right you might as well go to a salon and get it done properly

    • chaos4eternity says:

      Just be careful wish ash it could send your hair green! If it does go green put tomatoe ketchup in the hair as the red colouring in it should get rid of the green. This is totally honest not trying to make you look daft! x

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