• What should I do to stop my feet from slipping forward in high heels?

    I love wearing high heels but I can only do so for a short period of time. After a while my feet start to sweat and then slip forward in my shoes causing blisters and toe scrunching/over hang. I have tried Foot petals to no avail. And anything that is gel causes more slipping because they are slick to begin with. My wedding is 2 months away and I have a pair of killer heels I want to wear comfortably for the whole day. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? And where to find said stuff?

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    5 thoughts on “What should I do to stop my feet from slipping forward in high heels?

    • Lexi. says:

      If the foot petals don’t work, you might try stuffing a little bit of cotton in the toe of the shoes, assuming that they aren’t peep-toes.

    • notyou311 says:

      You need to find shoes that fit properly. Your shoes may be too wide.

    • Fritters says:

      I’ll start off with the most extreme measure and that is botox injection. Which you can get in your feet to minimize sweating. And extreme measure but it does work.

      But if that is not up your alley try a foot deoderant which may help to work like an anti-perspirant or a foot talc which will help absorb some of the moisture.

      You could also cut a piece of cotton to the size of the toe part of the heel and stick that down so it’s absorbing some of the sweat. I know that may sound gross but it will work.

      If these don’t work or don’t appeal go to your doctor, explain you situation and ask what you can do about it. The excess sweating may be a sign there is something not quite right with your body and you may just need to readjust something in your diet or get more of a certain nutrient.

      Have fun on the big day!!

    • honey_08 says:

      there is this product that is sold by avon i have but i bought the wrong thing called foot works: creamy powder lotion, it may help with the sweating, it starts off as lotion but as you rub it it turns into a powder allowing to dry all the moisture. i don’t like it for me because it makes my feet look ashy but that’s just me other than that it’s an okay product and inexpensive, also try seeing a shoe repairmen for suggestions

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