• What should I wear to my hollister interview?

    last week i was approached in hollister and offered a group interview tomorrow, i was just wondering whats the best thing to wear for it to impress them?
    also, does anyone know the sort of questions they ask in the interview?
    thaanks :)

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    10 thoughts on “What should I wear to my hollister interview?

    • . says:

      wear all abercrombie and piss them off . . . . wear like ummm like all hollister apparel like fur sur yea girlfriend bwhahahahahahahha

    • Mico The Freako says:

      Wear some of there clothing. Or just come naked under a robe and tell them to dress you

    • nightwing says:

      Wear a suit if you’re a man, or a nice dress (by nice I mean long, and appropriate) if you’re a woman, that always works well. They’ll basically just ask you what you want to get out of your job there, what you can/cannot do, things along these lines. (If you need answers to, basically just say you want to remain at the job for a long period of time, that you’re a hard worker, you’re willing to do anything that needs to be done, and you can learn new skills quickly. )

    • Baby D says:

      I wouldn’t recommend to wear any of their stuff, from what I’ve heard and read. My friend went to one last week and he said they ask you:
      -what diversity means and if it’s a good thing to have in a work place
      -what your friends think of you
      -and what you do in your spare time.

      hope this helps & good luck!
      iv got one tomorrow and im really scared :

    • Aia says:

      1. DO NOT go all out in the Hollister clothing. I had this girl in the group when we were being interviewed, and she wore all Hollister. She even wore Vans, which suggested she asked about what they make you wear. Needless to say, she wasn’t hired. I was. :p They want you to show up as how you would normally wear and you wouldn’t normally wear all Hollister, right?

      2. BE outgoing, be all smiles but not fake. Try not to answer the same as everyone else. Always try to stand out/add something else and contribute more than the person before you, but don’t give a long speech.

      3. They ask about diversity. What it means to you and how it is used in the workplace. They give scenario questions, and sometimes silly questions.

      4. Don’t worry too much about it! I would recommend a simple shirt/tank top, skinny jeans, flip flops. That’s it. Wear your hair down and be natural. Don’t wear a ton of makeup (no heavy eyeliner/eyeshadow), and not too much jewelry. :]

      So there, hope I helped!

    • :) says:

      Hollister skinny jeans, Hollister top but don’t wear ALL Hollister

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    • Lina says:

      How about blue,grey and white flannel with blue ripped jeans and blue toms or blue low top chucks?

    • Wilmer Proudfoot says:

      Lol, who would want to to go on a silly diet for?. Eat however much you like, just dun forget to work for it

    • Renaldo Lynady says:

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