• What should a girl wear to the first day of 6th grade?

    My sister is going into 6th grade, and she doesn’t know what to wear. She’s pretty girly, but not like “oh-em-gee, pink is all I wear!” She likes to wear pretty much all colors, but since she is not very tan, white tends to wash her out. Any suggestions of what she should wear, what colors she should wear, or any accesories, [things like that] It would be great if you gave me links or any stores that would be good for her. Thanks!
    For the record, this is not me. I’m going to be a freshman in high school. And, I have my own problems.

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    40 thoughts on “What should a girl wear to the first day of 6th grade?

    • Ali says:

      No one gets to dressed up in 6th grade like they do in Elementary school. Wear sandals (if she’s aloud) a skirt and a t-shirt nothing too dressy

    • bebe rocks my soks says:

      Okay personally i think ur the 6th grade

      2nd wear hello kitty , its more of ur age type of stuff,

    • lilj says:

      cargos and a baby tee w/ converse or skate shoes.
      kohls has alot of stuff.

    • LILK says:

      i need help 2 because u just explained me!!!!
      im goin into 6th grade 2!!!!!

    • Anna says:

      Wear a cute skirt with dark color tights and saddle shoes (oxfords or whatever you call them) and a cute t-shirt.

    • Taylor h says:

      a fun comfortable shortsleeve shirt w/ a logo and a pair of nice jeans or shorts

    • julie p says:

      Go to Limited Too. they have cute girly stuff for kids.

      and really, she doesn’t need to try so hard for 6th grade.

    • Lindsay G says:

      Nothing too showy, just let her be herself and not drawl too much attention to herself. Besides time shouldn’t be spent worry what to where, you go to school to learn not to see whose best dressed or whose wearing the newest line of clothes.

      Although I could be saying this because I wore a uniform from K-12, and though I hated it in grade school, but the time I was in high school it was no big deal and I understood why my school had us wear uniforms.

    • miso1cat says:

      Tan slacks and a peach color shits like a polo, peach sox and white tennis shoes. A little gold necklace and a barrette.

    • baronboru says:

      jeans, t-shirt, cool shoes

      pink is cute for fair skin no matter how girly the girl is

    • Leah says:

      Go to abercrombie, pick out some jeans and a shirt &/or sweatshirt. For shoes, flip flops are a mustbut I was never allowed to wear them at my school. So cute white tennis shoes. Wear her hair down and get some accessories at claires.

    • lil_goth_11_aka_aja says:

      well i am going into 6th grade and im wearing pink and green camoflouge jeans (jcpenny) and a black and green camoflouge shirt with peace spelled on it in rhindstones (fashion bug) i recommend jcpenny, aeropostale, and hollister

    • musicalmarz says:

      I made tehe mistake of “dressing up” myself on the first day. i wore makeup and brand name clothes to make a good impression. Then i fell back into my normal routine. . . of comfy jeans and t-shirts. I set a standard for myself without knowing it, and people me differently becuase of it.

      Tell your sister to pick an outfit that reflects waht she is going to wear through out the year. . . keeping in mind all of the stress school puts on you, and all of the days when you jnust dont have time to put together a stunning outfit. People will treat her better for it.

      Try a small ecentricity. . . i sometimes wear really colorful, mismatched socks under my jeans. People thi nk its funny (and it draws people attention to what YOU want them to look at. )

      yeah. . . wearind something special can backfire. she wont have three weeks to put together all of her other outfits!

    • swimmer2 says:

      There’s this really cool belt that I found recently. . . It’s on sale at buckle. com Your sister might like it. . .

      http://www. buckle. com/shopping/product/detailmain. jsp?itemID=5721&itemType=PRODUCT&iMainCat=5&iSubCat=124&iSubSubCat=573&iViewAll=0&iViewProducts=0&iProductID=5721&sWhichLN=1&iParentProducts=0

      Hope this helps!

    • Jess_Baby_Jess says:

      Here is what I would wear:

      TOP: Dark Blue boyfriend Tee

      Bottom:Light wash denim Bermuda’s that are two inches above the knee

      Shoes: Black and Whiet converse

      Acessories: SIlver bangles and a belt of some sort, prefferably blackish

      Makeup:Light silver eyeshadow and lip gloss

      Hope I helped!!

    • Emma says:

      hey thanks yall for advice im going into 6th grade im planing to wear a cute purple kinda bagy shirt everyone says its cute buts its not new! is it sopouse to be? and it has some missing beeds is that alright? and maybe some skinny jean thats look really tight! but there not and converas or these zebra flats is that ok? or should i be more tomboy? cause i am a girly girl but not to! so please help! thats onyl for the first the rest of the year lots of normal tees!

    • katie says:

      im going into 6th grade to…… i bought most of my cloths from Aropostle and American Eagle

    • IM CONFUSED says:

      Hi im going in to seven grade and i need help on what to wear because im going in to high school and at my old school everybody was really tomboy NOBODY wore dresses but at the high school im going to EVERYONE was wearing a dress i like dresses and all but i dont think they look good on me because im really tall and skinny so it looks weird. Does anyone have any ideas what to wear im REALLY confusesd PLZ HELP. Thanks.

    • IM CONFUSED says:

      opps sorri guys i meant grade 7 not seven grade LOL sorry

    • Colette says:

      I’m probably going to wear a casual dress with a really cute belt and boots. Everybody else says i should wear jeans and a teeshirt, but the dress and boots combo is really cute! Hope your sister has a good year!

    • Stella says:

      I’m going into sixth too. I think I am going to wear slightly short shorts ( not creepy ones)and either a tee- shirt or a tank-top depending on the weather. I would wear plain, fun, colors and tons of bracelets. Wear awesome shoes too, like coverse or skater shoes, I don’t think sandles are a good idea for school (recess) but wear them if you want to. Hope I helped.

    • Erin says:

      I’m going into sixth and i feel like im going to freak, i found like a whole new wardrobe, its mostly ponchos because those are in at my school, not like spanish ponchos but more like flowy shirts. I also found some really awesome graphic tees and skinny jeans. i have some really cool urple shoes that look really cool. i am going to get these awesome chandelier earrings, its sort of punkish, but more grown upo and not as dark. i am a little tom boy but mostly girly, last year i was a huge tomboy, i wore the soccer jerseys all year. anyway i want to change my look but i don’t want to look like a fake, idk what im going to do


      I am goin into 6th grade and in 5th i was really tom boy and i really want to change my look up
      any suggestions??

    • ? says:

      I am going to sixth grade too. I bought my Jeans at Victoria’s Secret, my shorts and tights at Justice, and my tops at abercrombie kids, hollister, gilly hiks, aeropostale, AE, Bloomingdales. If you want cute shoes shop converese. Boots- Nothstorm Rack.

    • ? says:

      I am going to sixth grade too. I bought my Jeans at Victoria’s Secret, my shorts and tights at Justice, and my tops at abercrombie kids, hollister, gilly hiks, aeropostale, AE, Bloomingdales. If you want cute shoes shop converese. Boots- Nothstorm Rack. Also your must haves-
      jeggins every color
      tights every color
      jean shorts all lengths
      logo tees
      skirts lot of em
      bootcut jeggins
      Skinny super flare jeans
      nice brains (be smart)
      and that should do

    • zariyah says:

      i cant help that much but just know try to impress the haters most of all

    • zariyah says:

      i need help myslef

    • coco says:

      wear some cool leggings, a black tanktop, A purple shirt from siblings(the one with the face on it, black boots and for jewlery, A heart neckalace from claire’s and butterfly earings from Ardene

    • mom wont let me give name says:

      i know it’s l8 but i need help too. I’m not sure if my outfit is good enough. I’m wearing a vanilla colored shirt topped with a bolero shirt, u no the ones u tie when it reaches the middle of ur waist. and dark capri shorts. Do u think that’s ok?

    • mom wont let me give name says:

      please reply by tomorrow.

    • mom wont let me give name says:

      I need help fast!

    • DinoRawr says:

      Hey people I am going into sixth grade but wear I live sixth grade is still elementarty school so there’s certain standards but I still dress good. Forst of all about yout sister it depends I reccomend maybe some skinny jeans or if you live somewhere hot some shorts not jeans but maybe Khaki something light as a top maybe a nice graphic tee from maybe Aeropastle, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister I also like J.Crew they have really nice tanktops and I love thier flipflops so COMFY! If you want a cute cardigan I am wearing a cardigan that stops at my hip its striped white and peachy orange. I got it from Hollister but ita very popular so just look everywhere. My hair is very thick but I am going to straighten it and wear a thin headband or a side ponytail you could also do a headband that either has a bow or large flower attached. For shoes you could either do UGGS or any kind of sheep skin boot, flats, Converses ( Make sure thier colorful!) or just flip flops or regular sneakers. Last but not least….jewlrey I would say a necklace with a thin chain and a small charm for bracelet wear something that isn’t too mature or serious like bangles wear ruber bracelets that you sometimes get when you do special events like for example you do a walk for cancer. Also wear maybe cloth bracelets that could be homemade or bought wear alot of these bclecause they show that your still a kid. Also for those of you who like rings I recommend Betsey Johnson her stuff are nice she has great kiddy stuff that arw funky and different I have a pair of dangly watermelon earrings that I LOVE! So thats basically it I hope my hour long comment helped!
      Good Luck :⦆
      - From a rising sixth grader Ꭶ

    • Dancerchick2020 says:

      I totally understand where your coming from when I was in sixth grade I didn’t know what to wear or how to dress but now I’m in gr.7 (YAY high school) but anyways tell your sister to wear whatever she feels comfortable with. Don’t go out of your comfort zone. If where you live ther are middle schools (where I live schools go up to grade six then it’s off to high school) But anyways if she’s going into middle school and she wants to change her look now would be the time to do it! If she likes the way she dresses then DONT CHANGE A THING. Buy stuff that SHE like and that SHES comfortable in. Dont buy stuff because its “cool” buy stuff because you like it! Hope I helped :)

    • 6th grade middle schooler fashionable gurl says:

      Im going into middle school 6th grade to and im nervous myself about what im going to wear be aware that nobody wears clothes from like justice and try not to shop in the or kids section as much ,also logo tees are very popular and a must i would say go to stores like Aeropostale,American Eagle,Jcpennys,Forever 21 ,rue 21,21,Claires,etc anyways make sure her outfit is cute but not to dressy or sparkly but make it her own like wear a logo shirt sleeve shirt, shorts or skinny jeans or even capris she does not have to wear jean shorts,a necklace,cute braclets and flats flip flops or a cute pair of sneakers also leave her hair down and clip it back as long as she is nice and open to making new friends she should have a awesome time in 6th grade im going into 6th grade myself so this is good advice hope my long reply helps!

    • hawt middle schooler! says:

      dont wear justice aka limited two she will get made fun of instead wear aeropostale,american eagle,forever 21 etc hope this helps!

    • jilbab says:

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    • Mitchell Embertson says:

      Xbox Kinect is a pretty nice source of entertainment …Great reasons to buy it … esp the #3 one

    • Swaggergirl21 says:

      Hey be ur self. But I wouldn’t recommend shopping at justice. Your a preteen now enjoy it . This mean your on to the junior section. So stores like Forever 21, A&F, Aero, Hollister, pink(maybe if your allowed). Ps go shopping with your friends and ask them what they think. I hoped this helped!

    • Help says:

      I wear clothes from justice dos that mean I will be an outcast? They are cute clothes….. I am worried. I am very skinny and short so aeropostale,hollister etc. Don’t fit me they are all to big I tried them on too!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    • Ellie says:

      I’m going into 6th too!

      My suggestions are…

      Longish shorts if your middle school doesn’t allow short shorts.

      No brands like Justice, Those Are too Neony and are a bit shitty.

      If your middle school allows hats wear beanies, their super cute and stylish!
      You don’t have to just a note.

      I recommend Greys and blacks since those colors match with a lot of things :)
      Wear white only if you are tanish ( white washes out on some pale people)

      I also recommend if you are doing make up, use mascara only (maybe eyeliner)

      Some cool graphic tees I recommend, Noooone with words like BFF or Super girly things, you can wear it if you like that stuff.

      Brands I recommend are….

      Aeropostale, Holliester, Abercrombie and other teen or preteen stores.

      Use time to look through your closet, maybe you will find new outfits!

      NEVER wear the same outfit a ton of times, I made that mistake In 4th and a bit of 5th grade :/ Widen your vision of fashion :)

      And last of all,

      Be yourself!

      If I have anything to add I’ll add more

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