• What outfits should I wear to compliment my body shape?

    I’m a size 12-14 on bottom and a 16-18 on top
    It’s quite a difference but it’s because I’ve got a tummy and big boobs.

    I usually wear tight jeans and a floaty top but caught sight of myself in some photos recently and I look like a balloon on sticks. Any advice?

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    13 thoughts on “What outfits should I wear to compliment my body shape?

    • Alicia J says:

      knee-length or higher loose fitting dresses that you can wear with black opaque stockings or black leggings and ballet flats or ankle boots!

    • Heather G says:

      try wearing a black top with jeans black makes you look smaller avoid wearing white and also try cinching your waist with a belt to give you more of an hourglass figure i know how you feel

    • MonaLisa Overdrive AM VT wannabe says:

      Wrap dresses just above knee length, showing your cleavage will be very flattering, and can be worn casually and dressy. It is very hard to wear pants with your build. ALWAYS wear at least some heel; ballet slipper style shoes would be a big mistake.

    • Invisible Tears says:

      wear boot leg jeans and a fitted top which comes out a bit at the bottom

    • aliciaa says:

      I’ve actualy have the same body shape as you. you are on the right track by wearing flowy tops and tight jeans that bring the attention to your legs. But sometimes when women have big busts and wear flowly tops, the shirt tends to hang from the bust therefore making the stomach area look even bigger. Try wearing high waist belts as they show off your curves.

      http://www. youlookfab. com/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/Patent-Leather-Belt. jpg

      http://i. ivillage. com/BS/celebrity_style/celeb_rantsraves/BS_Lohan_366. jpg

      You can wear high waist belts over dresses, tops and cardigens. Go out and buy a selection of colours(black, brown, tan, silver) and shapes for different occsaions. You’ll be surprised by how much one belt can totally change an outfit.

    • chris says:

      Wear verticle stripes on bottom half or brighten the bottom half it takes the stare away from the top half and the vertical stripes make people look taller and slimmer. Also try wearing small bags as big bags pull peoples attentions to the middle of your body.

      Hope this helps

    • Diva says:

      stick to less fitting tops, because I’ve seen too many tight tops on chunkier people, and it’s NOT flattering. As for what you could wear. . . . maybe a tighter top which is fine and then a sweater/button up light sweater thingy. I know they have lots of them at american apperal

    • supagurl says:

      neutral colored outfit. . . belted luk is n so check that out as well

    • StingRay says:

      Pencil skirt and a tucked in shirt, showing a bit of cleavage.

    • rachie613 says:

      You should wear jeans with a dark wash, but make sure the jeans aren’t too tight, a little flare on the jeans would look nice. As far as tops go, I would sugest a tunic that is floaty on the bottom, or button down shirts.

    • Torrie W says:

      floaty tops are not a good idea as they only ADD bulk to a persons shape instead of making them appear slimmer. some good pieces for your shape are:
      http://www. asos. com/Just-Cavalli/Just-Cavalli-Dahlia-Flower-Print-Corset/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=228837&clr=Violet&SearchQuery=corset&sh=0
      http://www. asos. com/Patrizia-Pepe/Patrizia-Pepe-Tie-Dye-Bandeau-Maxi-Dress/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=261668&clr=Blue&SearchQuery=maxi&sh=0
      http://www. asos. com/Asos/Sweetheart-Neckline-Fitted-Top/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=226958&cid=4169&clr=Black&sh=0
      http://www. asos. com/Nicole-Richie/Asos/Asos-Premium-Silk-Ruffle-Front-Blouse/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=251558&cid=4169&clr=White&sh=0
      http://www. asos. com/Asos/Fine-Gauge-Cocoon-Shrug/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=266398&abi=1
      http://www. asos. com/Diesel/Diesel-Louvely-Slim-Fit-Sequin-Trim-Bootcut/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=177471&clr=Black&SearchQuery=bootcut&sh=0
      http://www. asos. com/Asos/High-Waisted-Wide-Leg-Trouser/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=261018&abi=1
      http://www. asos. com/Lisa-Snowdon/Asos/Stripe-Shirt/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=252789&abi=1
      http://www. asos. com/Victoria-Beckham/Asos/Button-Off-Shoulder/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=183230&abi=1
      http://www. asos. com/Christina-Aguilera/Nelly-Furtado/Asos/Sexy-Slingback-Platform-Peep-Toe-Shoe/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=161035&abi=1
      http://www. asos. com/Lindsay-Lohan/Asos/Set-Of-Mixed-Finish-And-Size-Bangles/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=169741&abi=1
      http://www. asos. com/Asos/Large-Circle-Link-Necklace/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=231512&abi=1
      http://www. asos. com/Asos/Lace-Back-Fitted-Top/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=266619&abi=1
      http://www. asos. com/Cameron-Diaz/Asos/Swirl-Vintage-Buckle-Waist-Belt/Prod/pgeproduct. aspx?iid=231604&abi=1

    • Bell says:

      wear whatever you are comfortable in !!! i have a very curvy figure. . . i am not overweight nor underweight (just the right size) and i wear what looks and compliments on me =)

    • shoe_smitten says:

      Emphasize your chest, hips and legs to elongate the appearance of your frame. Wear darker colors on top and lighter colors on bottom to minimize the upper body. Read my blog for more about dressing for your shape. I even talk about lingerie!!! :)

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