• What can i wear to meet my boyfriend at the airport?

    What can i wear to meet my boyfriend at the airport?
    so, it will be over a month since i last saw my boyfriend and im picking him up from the airport. but i want to look sexy but casual, i love cheryl cole style etc and was thinking skinny jeans and ankle boots or some sort of casual pencil skirt? please help coz i need to look hot and nd ideas! lol thanks in advance

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    6 thoughts on “What can i wear to meet my boyfriend at the airport?

    • Koko says:

      if your boyfriend loves you he’ll think you look hot no matter what you wear. skinny jeans and ankle boots sounds good though!

    • kimberly says:

      mabye like a skirt with leggings not a fancy skirt but like a day skirt sorta of or just like a cute top with some skinny jeans with a vest that is cute if u have a vest. and some sandles if its warm by you and if not some cute boots

    • Carlos J says:

      You need to look Hot! hmmmm. ok. . . wear a plane costume, and prior to his arrival, set the wing on fire. . . . . im sure you would look Smoking Hot!

    • One teen ager says:

      jeans and a superman t-shirt :D

    • M&M says:

      Awwww! How sweet! Anyway, I’ll find comething and you can modify it from what you have if you want. That is really cute!!

      http://www. forever21. com/product. asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=dress%5Fcasual&product%5Fid=2071677312&Page=1
      Shirt (to go over):
      http://www. forever21. com/product. asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=top&product%5Fid=2071741554&Page=1
      http://www. forever21. com/product. asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=footwr%5Fcasual&footwr%5Fstyle=&footwr%5Fsize=&footwr%5Fcolor=&footwr%5Fprice=&product%5Fid=2073996990&Page=1
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    • Maria says:

      this is perfect:

      http://looklet. com/look/3597304

      ENJOY ;)

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