• How should I wear my hair to school tomorrow?

    I dont know how to wear my hair for school tomorrow. I dont want a plain ponytail. We are allowed to wear our hair up or down. I have most styling things (straightners, curlers, brushes etc. ).
    However it cant take too long to do. It must take less than half an hour to do.

    Thanx . . x

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    20 thoughts on “How should I wear my hair to school tomorrow?

    • JB_Fan ! says:

      Half up and down.

    • Rose! says:

      Curl it and spray with hair spray :) it look nice on everyone

    • x_cute_crystal says:

      u could put it up
      u could leave it open and curl it
      you could put half of ur hair in and half out
      u could put all ur hair up in a pony and curl the back

    • Lucky says:

      Curl it! Always makes a nice change.
      Go for big, bouncy curls using your straighteners, spray on a bit of hairspray, smooth on some serum and you’re good to go!
      Shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes :)

    • Butterfly says:

      wow your still in school?? its summer

    • viv3653 says:

      make a ponytail and curly it. i have tried it before and everyone complemented me

    • ellisforthought says:

      Whatever you feel like.

    • Emma M says:

      hey girl,
      you can always scrunch your hair that doesnt take so long just put mouse in and then put it up in a bun and take it out before you leave it will look FABULOUS! or you can do a simple french braid or a twist ponytail all you do it put your hair in a ponytail or half ponytail and then make a space with your finger in between hair and then you just pull our ponytail through the space!

      Hope this helped!

    • catwoman says:

      Who cares ?

    • bex_xoxoxo says:

      A quiff is really simple yet really effective. Either straighten, curl or leave your hair natural. First take the front section of hair above your forehead, pull back and twist it behind your head. Push it up slightly at the back, so it forms a quiff and secure at the centre back of your head with hair pins.

      hope iit helps xoxo

    • Dave C says:

      EMO !!!!!!!!

    • x.baybeelauren says:

      Quiff with curly hair.

    • You'll always be my thunder says:

      well you can go to www. thehairstyler. com upload your pic. . . or not and look at tons of hairstyles it’s free and no registration is required :0

    • love playing tennis says:

      wear a side braid

      http://www. freewebs. com/beautytipsandfashion/

    • Medium mac says:

      on your head

    • Angel says:

      well maybe you could straighten it then put random curls in it!

      or something like this-http://www. redhillsalon. com/images/deion4. jpg

    • Dancer says:

      http://www. dailymakeover. com/account/signup_mos. php?gclid=CO7IguHfjZQCFQKJxgodTEFgFw

    • D.R baby says:

      dang ur still in school . . . wat grade r u in. . . . im in high school and we been out

    • *blondie* says:

      ok c my avatar?? do that thing with ur bangs, pin them back them either wear ur hair in a pony, braid or down! =] but i say either pony or down!!! =D hope this helped!!

    • lily says:

      do a half ponytail, and curl just the ends of your hair– just the last few inches. if u have bangs, leave them out of it. then, if u want, u can tie a ribbon around the half ponytail, and tie it in a bow or leave it hanging.

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