• Suitable or not? Teachers wear high heels to teach in?

    I was in a local school and there was a teacher walking down the hall wearing a gray sweater dress and black 4 “heel heel pumps thin (with connection type of almond or round toe). A style of Gender: http://www. aldoshoes. com/uk/women/heels/pointed-toe/66557098-arnoldoa/97 My question is do you think it is appropriate for that teacher to dress this way when they are second-class category and the other teachers do not dress that way?. What is your opinion leaders? If you were teaching, you wear something like that? Think it’s a place appropriate for working in such a context or a bit higher? Thoughts?

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    19 thoughts on “Suitable or not? Teachers wear high heels to teach in?

    • totoro. says:

      They are just shoes.

    • Rani says:

      No children will say LK COS U FACE NICE 2 RUE rlly rlly CRAP BUT BACK 2 URE

    • Cyborg says:

      I see nothing wrong with it

    • Rosha N says:

      These look quite appropriate actually. . . What exactly is your problem with them?

    • IamTinkerbell says:

      It’s not like she is in a mini-skirt with a vest on. It seems to me that this is something professionnel.Juste my opinion.

    • Jose says:

      Lol my maths teacher wore shoes like stilettos cient is not exactly where it is. beautiful eyes

    • francois.vinyl says:

      if its only second degree, or an elementary school in general, children do not take any notice of it, it might even be something that children are idolizing, which makes them want to be a teacher so that ‘they can be “pretty.” Although I do not see how it feels need to be dressed in such casual employment should be comfortable that there really isn’t a problem.

    • Tallblond28 says:

      Shoes that affect their educational performance? AucunLes shoes that affect children’s learning? AucunVous can not discriminate on what the teacher brings to his class that he was very revealing, but they are just shoes! So what if other teachers do not dress like that, we all individuals!

    • ◕‿◕ says:

      No, they are not. They are just shoes. Many women wear these shoes for work on a daily basis, such as women in clerical jobs. There is no reason to find that it is not appropriate, they are just shoes. God thank you, they are not sneakers or something like that because I find inapproporate

    • Haku says:

      Yes, it is appropriate

    • Mona Lisa Overdrive says:

      I have no idea what Theer would concern other than the comfort (teachers are on their feet a lot), and it would be the best judge. Personally, to choose between seeking Nice or dressing down, I prefer to err on the Nice dress.

    • puppygirl555 says:

      yeah uuuhhh What do you think teachers have to watch all the nerdy link thats not stupid and even a little perverse to think that shes like that try to fall in love with a second grader teacher damn loud to look nice shes from time to time its not like wearing a mini skirt and bra and those actually look very wats rong with you PROFFESIONAL have you stopped to think that perhaps it has something to do immediately after Skool soething or she has a life too you know

    • Michelle says:

      Lol Love the talons.Je do not see why they would be inappropriate, perhaps it is not very large, without eux.Ils may not be the best team using mine all day si.Je launched the first opportunity, I will!

    • I am a cat says:

      These shoes look perfect.

    • pinx says:

      there’s just not like her shoes shes got a mini-skirt over her breasts and out = /

    • abbrs says:

      I agree with most of the other answers. I see absolutely no problem with dressing that way. I think it’s very conservative. Maybe she had an important meeting with the boss or a parent and I wanted to look professional and clean. I would not wear jeans and a t-shirt to a meeting of this kind. If I were a teacher, I would opt for more comfortable shoes, but if I had to introduce me to someone who could give me a raise or fire me if I was not professional enough. All my teachers wore dresses and shoes when I was in elementary school. Even in high school in fact. Only on the top, in my opinion if it tries to show her legs.

    • karaokechk says:

      Not inappropriate at all. It is professional.

    • DIXIE says:

      . . . I am 34. . . My teachers were almost all 3-4 inch heels in my small town high school. . . and they were not even flat! . . . I think it is quite normal. . . at least for the school or in college. . .. . . it may be a little more unusual if it was in an elementary school property. . . because the lower classes of the teacher is much more literally and physically involved in working with children and teaching!. . . but in high school, she had to stand there in front of his class for several periods throughout the day and teaching only dictate notes. . . no physical involvement

    • florencio says:

      Why does it matter what shoes she wears.High heel pumps are very common work wear for many women.If she chooses to wear 4 inch heels to work and she can perform her duties more power to her.

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