• Whats the difference between boys and girls shoes. ?

    Today in went into my local JD i bought a pair of plain black nike tradition velccrostrap trainers as i have small feet i bought them in the junior section, within the junior section the boys and girls shoes are mixed up, i purchased my shoes and bought them home i jsut happened to notice that on the box it states thats they are boys shoes, what is the difference if there is any ?


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    11 thoughts on “Whats the difference between boys and girls shoes. ?

    • michelle says:

      i think boys shoes r a little wider but if they fit fine it doesnt matter

    • Sophie H says:

      Between boys and girls there isn’t really any difference. Between man and woman’s the mens are normally wider.

    • Anita says:

      If you bought them in the size you normally get and didn’t try them on, then the shoes are probably bigger. Mens shoes are made 2 sizes bigger than womens shoes. (A size 7 in womens would be like a size 5 in mens)

    • Steve S says:

      Who’s in them, when you get down to it.

    • all american girl <3 says:

      guy shoes are bigger. . . and more masculine. girls shoes are cuter = ]

    • smalltroll says:

      girls can wear anything, boys would look stupid in tippytappy heels though

    • Pretty in Blue says:

      wider, color, shoe size

    • Chiara says:

      Usually the only difference is the color. A male friend of mine bought a pair of girls shoes because it were light blue and, in the head of the Nike producers, light blue is a girly color. But there is no difference.

    • Emilio says:

      i actually prefer mens trainers Lol.
      alot nicer than girls.

    • Pretty Girls says:

      I can’t believe that people who don’t Chelsea are making assumptions about her death. Please show some respect. If you don’t have anything positive to say then don’t say it.

    • Benndhoel says:

      They might help you hit the ball better, but sluery won’t fix your swing. I’ve played barefoot, in sandals without spikes, dress loafers, and have worn most brands of golf shoes over the years. The only difference I believe, is psychological and for some people, that is very important. I am a bit particular about how I look on the course from head to toe right down to the right hat in the right colors and shoes that look professional as opposed to athletic . In the end, its all about whats inside your head on this one, I’m afraid. Now, if you want better traction on your feet during the swing work on the root cause: bad balance. Hit some balls at the practice tee with your feet together and see what happens. Good luck!

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