• what was the first shoe that you wore sockless?

    what was the brand and the model of the shoe that you wore sockless? was it summer or winter? and why did you do something like this? was your sock get wet or any other reason? did you liked being sockless in your shoes? are you still wearing your other shoes sockless?

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    7 thoughts on “what was the first shoe that you wore sockless?

    • Gratefully Deadicated says:

      Flip-flops in the summer!

    • Sparky5115 says:

      Those little brown sandals you wear in the summertime for your first years of school.

      In high school it was ‘trendy’ to wear your joggers without socks on sports day.

      Hope this assists your foot fetish!

    • Ioana says:

      Flip-flops too. . .

    • Steven C says:

      House shoes

    • Pauly says:

      The very first shoe I wore sockless was a pair of store brand shoes, I do not know the name of the sneakers, but looked almost like Chuck Taylors in a way, but more sturdy, (Low Tops) they had the white toe cap, they were a navy blue, but the insoles were also navy with tiny tennis balls, printed on the insole with a tennis racket shape, which was white also on the insole. They also had a smooth part by the ankles, (the inside part where I slip my feet in) and had the tiny holes on the sides, which faced outward. I pretty much remember these sneakers, because I loved them so much, and I wished I saved them. . This was like in the middle of fall when I first wore sneakers sockless, and I loved it, and also became addicted to it. What happened was back when I was in first grade, which was back in 1979, me and about 5 other kids in class got our socks wet, from jumping in the puddles, and the snow while we were wearing our regular school shoes, or boots. When we walked in the classroom after lunch recess, she noticed our socks were wet. Therefore, she asked us to remove our socks and put them on the heat register to dry off, and just wear our sneakers without socks to gym class. Well at first before I put my sneakers on my bare feet, I was a little bit uneasy about doing this, because I never done anything like this before, but I knew it wasn’t going to be to long, So I put the sneakers on my bare feet. As soon as I put them on my feet, I realized how good the sneaker insole felt on my bare feet, and I loved it instantly, we went to gym class and did our activities, and about a half hour or so before we were getting ready to go home for the day, we changed back into our regualr shoes, and put our socks back on. Well me and another classmate would do it now and then, because we were addicted to going sockless, and I just loved the feeling of the sneaker insole on my bare feet. Well me and this classmate were doing this for about 2 months after we first started going sockless, we would purposely get our socks wet at recess time, so we can go sockless in our sneakers, and try to wear them sockless the whole day if we could: however. the teacher got somewhat concerned about us going sockless, so she send a note home to our parents asking for a second pair of socks, so we had an extra pair in case they would get wet. Therefore, we had to wear socks no matter what. Well that summer when school was over, I went sockless in these same sneakers nearly every day. I just loved the sockless feel. Well in second grade I only did it once with a different pair of sneakers, but after that I almost forgot about it, when I turned 12, I started to go sockless to school nearly every day, because a lot of other kids were doing it, and I started to love it more! I even started to wear deck shoes sockless now and then. Now I am 34 years old, and I am still wearing my sneakers sockless, and I am very proud of it! :-D Going sockless in sneakers is the best style these days.

    • Jiffy Feet says:

      Probably a Nike sneaker. It was summer 10 years ago and I was barefoot and wanted to just slip something on quick. Now I have 4 pairs of flip flops to choose from.

    • Jason B says:

      I don’t remember the brand, but it was a pair of loafers by the name of Mike that I loved dearly.

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