• How do i stop my new shoes rubbing my heals?

    i have only worn them once, and i have horrible blisters on my heels now!
    Anyone know any tricks to stop the new shoes from rubbing?

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    8 thoughts on “How do i stop my new shoes rubbing my heals?

    • Amy says:

      Wear plasters and if you’re wearing socks , although this may be abit messy for you, rub vaseline on the inside of your sock.

    • Cσυятηєуу вяυνν* says:

      Get those special blister plasters they are really good i used them when i went skiing.

    • Matthew B says:

      Just don’t wear them!

      Or put some of those tint socks on, or plasters where the blister.

    • david k says:

      try putting a plaster around the inside of the shoes heel as it gives a cushion against your heel to stop it from rubbing. . .

    • extra body,depth and ripeness says:

      Apart from doing the plaster thing, blah,blah,blah try rubbing vaseline into the inside of the heel of the shoe, this will soften it, then just flex the shoe a bit as well, it will soften over time but you may have to do it several times.

    • Ryana M says:

      to reduce the friction between your heels and your shoes, wear footies for shoes/ sneakers or lace foot liners for high heels:
      go http://www. feelsonice. com/footliners. html

    • BeebaBug says:

      put skin coloured plasters on them.

    • ILY_x says:

      There are a number of things you can do and try
      1. Wear blister plasters (they are really good and heal your
      blisters quickly)

      2. Wear your new shoes around the house. When they start to hurt or you can feel a blister forming take them off. Keep repeating so your shoes will begin to fit the shape of your foot and you will stop getting blisters.

      3. If your shoes are pump or ballerina styled try wear ‘Footsie’ styled socks. They cover half of your foot so your heel will be protected from blisters by the sock.

      4. Don’t wear them

      5. Rub vaseline or a baby oil into the shoe so it becomes soft and stops rubbing and cafing on your ankle.

      Hope this helps x

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