• Do find Topshop shoe sizes large or small or normal?

    I ordered a pair of apartments online and never bought shoes from Topshop, do not know how they will adapt. I am a size 6 feet wide but so generally wear a 7 in other stores. Anyone have any experience with Topshop shoes?

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    5 thoughts on “Do find Topshop shoe sizes large or small or normal?

    • Lauren E says:

      So do I. . My feet are very wide, flat and size 6.Je havent really tried the flats from Topshop. . But Im guessing they were probably me rather thin. . Depending on how the shoe is stiff. . Im not too sure. . Id like to know so if x

    • Always in the air says:

      They seem to be quite large. Im a 5, but they were waaay too big, I was a size 4 Topshop

    • Chelceii says:

      I think the shoes are a little bigger. . .

    • x_tiny.taz_x says:

      They come in large widths, I’m a 4 in Topshop, but 5 everywhere else

    • Karin says:

      Their flats are wide but not very long, I usually wear a size 39 (euro, suppoose to be equal to UK 6) but always have to buy a size 7 at Topshop, They tend to be too wide though but the perfect length. Dilemma.

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