• What Top To Wear With Red(Burgundy) Skinny Jeans?

    I am going to a party this friday and I just bought these amazing burgundy colored skinny jeans. I was thinking a white V-neck and silver ballet flats. What shirt would match with the jeans? here is a picture of them:
    http://kingdomofstyle. typepad. co. uk/photos/uncategorized/redjeans. jpg

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    8 thoughts on “What Top To Wear With Red(Burgundy) Skinny Jeans?

    • coolchick790732 says:

      i would say just i white top that shows a little bit of clevage wouold look really nice

    • CC says:

      I think you should go with a sexy black top.

    • suzanne says:

      Yikes. . . . they are like sausage skins! Don’t wear a black top with them or it will scream TART. The white t and silver ballet flats sounds nice. Id never wear them with a heel though because they would then look very 80s like in the pic. I swear Blondie wore those in the Tide is High video with a black and white striped off the shoulder top! lol

    • Kara K says:

      since its a solid. . . mix it up with a pattern that has burgondy in it! solids and patterns are a complete classic look!

    • Kate V says:

      wear a black loose top with a hot metallic skinny belt, and the silver flats sound so cute. do your hair in cool beachy waves or curls. paint your nails a funky purple, and work your jeans! those are so cute!

    • Jezka ! says:

      Ah ! i have some like those, but they’re a bit redder, (:
      those are way cute though.

      anywho, i usually wear a plain white top, or this one white shirt with some red/dark red designs/writing on it.
      and for shoes, either converse, or flats.

    • emily says:

      i love those. . . so cute.
      try a flowie white or silver top
      and silver flats work

    • kitkat7243 says:

      i would suggest an off-the-shoulder type shirt or a vest. i dont know wat colors would go best, but im guessing white or gold. i think this is the best top to go w/ it and it incorporates the burgundy in it but since u asked so late i dont think itd get to u in time ((http://www. gojane. com/25200. html)) since the link doesnt go to the page directly, go on the gojane. com, type “floral pleated v-neck top” in the search box and clik the firt item that comes up.

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