• How to get black eyeliner out of clothes?

    Ok this sounds dumb and believe me I can’t believe I did it. I had my eyeliner pen in my pocket and I washed the shirt along with other clothes. Needless to say I didn’t remember it was there and dried the clothes. Now there are black spots on everything. If anyone has any ideas on what I can do that would be great!!! Thanks!!!

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    5 thoughts on “How to get black eyeliner out of clothes?

    • Dinisha says:

      maybe you should try makeup remover
      but im not sure if that will work

      if anything is white. . . just bleach it
      good luck :)

    • em.ilyy says:

      Use dawn to get it out.
      Rub it in the spots then wash.

    • coolestlily84 says:

      I found baking soda to be a great stain remover.
      It even gets oil out of silk. You have to make a paste of the
      powder and water and let it sit. But make sure to keep it damp. then wash. If that doesn’t work go to google. com and
      type in your question and just see what other people has done. But it works for me I’m no better than you.

    • Coffee Diva, SLS says:

      I’m sure the suggestions are with good intent, but sweetie, I’ve been there and nothing. . . nothing will remove the eyeliner that got on my blouse. Funny thing, when it’s actually on my eyes, it’ll come right off even when I don’t want it too!

      Good luck! Try everything possible, doesn’t hurt to try!

    • snarkywench says:

      Usually, once clothing has been dried, the stain is permanently set. The following have all worked for me for different things: a non oily makeup remover, babywipes, non-gel toothpaste, shampoo, dawn & BIZ.

      not sure about eyeliner but what’ve you got to lose.

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