• How do I stiffen the collars on my button-up shirts?

    Some of my button-down shirt collars flare out every which way and are extremely soft. Can anyone tell me how to stiffen the collars for the long-term?

    Oh, and there are no buttons on the collars. . . .



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    5 thoughts on “How do I stiffen the collars on my button-up shirts?

    • LYNDA says:

      take ur shirts to the cleaners and ask for light starch.

    • Jay says:

      Starch is the obvious answer but if you’re looking for a long term change, the answer is interfacing, which can be done using metal, brass or plastic collar stays.

      Here is some more info about that:
      http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Interfacing
      http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Collar_stays

    • tintin15 says:

      For this you will need to use starch:

      1. Wash your clothes normally.

      2. Dry your clothing until nearly dry. Remove it from the dryer while still a little damp. Lay the clothing on your ironing board and spray with a light, even coating of spray starch on just the area you are about to iron. (If you apply too much spray, the starch will flake off when pressed. ) Press the sprayed area until flat and move on to next section, repeating the process until the entire garment is pressed.

      3. Repeat step 2 if the garment is not as stiff and crisp as you would like.

    • Sarbear says:

      spray starch! hahaha its in a can and u use it while you iron! cheap and works wonders on limp clothes

    • Just a Girl Called Dina says:

      Starching may help. .

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