• How do I cut a regular tee-shirt into a scoop neck tee-shirt?

    I have a regular tee-shirt that I just bought and I love it but I don’t like the neck so i was thinking of cutting it across the shoulders and making a scoop-neck but im afraid i’m going to mess up or cut it too low. Does anyone know exactly where I should cut it?

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    14 thoughts on “How do I cut a regular tee-shirt into a scoop neck tee-shirt?

    • ERIC C says:

      At the front, using scissors!

    • Kat says:

      Fold the shirt in half, so the front neck line is on the outer fold. Then use scissors to cut the neck-hole of the shirt wider or lower as you want the “scoop to go. When you unfold the shirt, wa-la! Just make sure you’re only cutting through the front layer and not back!

    • ameelu says:

      put the shirt on and use a chalk or dressmakers pencil to roughly mark out where you want the line to be. now you can take it off and make sure the line is smooth. fold it in half and follow the line on one side or other to give a symmetrical line. (make sure when you fold that youve pulled the front out, away from the back, if you see what i mean, -so you dont cut through the back as well, i presume youll probably want the neckline at the back higher than at the front) youll need to cut some away at the back too to make the line follow around- just mark fold and cut as before.

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