• Do women need to tuck thier shirts in?

    I just started working in a financial firm. I see that most of my women colleagues out here always tuck thier shirts in. I find its rather awkward and uncomfortable to tuck in my shirts/knitwear since this exposes my large tushy and breasts more than whats appropriate.
    Is it really essential for women to tuck thier shirts in at workplace?

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    10 thoughts on “Do women need to tuck thier shirts in?

    • lomatar1186 says:


    • Lindsey says:

      Depending on the field that you are working in, yes. Such as an office building or something of the sort. Now some shirts aren’t meant to tuck in, like sweaters or buttons downs that are the same length all around the bottom or shirts with a skirt. You can still look casual without tucking your shirt in. .

    • Born to YAHOO! says:

      not really. if you want to you could.

    • LeeLee says:

      no of course not, not at all, only if you boss tells you too

    • lackoflotus says:

      i never tuck in my shirt. in or out of the workplace. i say don’t do it if you don’t want to.

    • peaches says:

      Yes, it certainly is more professional for people in a work environment such as a financial firm to look presentable and neat. This can be achieved with a tailored shirt that does not look scruffy when hanging out of your skirt. These are plentiful on the high street, just make sure that it is long enough so that no skin is exposed when you are bending over. Knitwear need never be tucked in, it is made to drape over the top of skirts/trousers. Other than that, try wearing a breast flattening bra and a bum shaper to reduce the size of your breasts and bum.

    • *Lauren* says:

      It really depends on the length of the shirt. If it is long, it might look a little sloppy, so i would tuck it in. If it is a short polo shirt. . . . it would be fine.

      some Places have rules to tuck in their shirts, so be sure to ask if you have to.

      I also think that it is unconfortable, but i have to wear a uniform in school and i have to tuck it in. .

    • MissBrunette92 says:

      i don’t think so and i personally don’t like to tuck my shirts in at all. the last time i tucked my shirt in was when my parents made me when i was 5. if you don’t feel comfortable than don’t do it. Be different and don’t just follow what people do. don’t be a follower,be a leader!!!

    • jilbab says:

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