• Would 00 slim jeans fit a girl who is in a size 10 slim kids?

    I’m looking at abercrombie jeans that are 00 slim and I was wondering if they would fit a girl tightly around the thighs and be long enough espicially since the girl normally wears a 10 slim kids. The 10 slim kids are too short though. What do I do?

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    10 thoughts on “Would 00 slim jeans fit a girl who is in a size 10 slim kids?

    • cherise j says:

      try go to the store and try them on

    • Elizabeth H says:

      Maybe or maybe not you just have to try them on.

    • aout says:

      The only way to know for sure is to bring her to the store and have her try them on.

    • Tiss says:

      I don’t think so. I wore size 00 in jr. high, and wouldn’t have fit in a size 10 slim. It can’t hurt to try though.

    • jessicat7749 says:

      i answered this already when you asked the first time, i think?

      get abercrombie & fitch jeans in 00 regular. The 00’s dont come in longs. but if youre 5’1″, you definitely dont need long lengths.
      then get them tailored to fit by a seamstress.

      a&f would be your best bet if you want mall jeans.
      but you could try designer jeans like, goldsign, seven for all mankind, citizens for humanity, j brand, habitual, etc.
      but they might be too big. they come in a size 25-31.

      but u can get them tailored too.

    • TANZEEL S says:

      try them. . . and if your ordering makesure you can return. . .

    • <3SoccaPlaya94 says:

      a size00 in Abercrombie jeans would probly fit ur long legs. One of my best friends has the same problem as you. Shes really skinny and tall and she fits into 10 or 12 but they are slightly short. My friend always wears Aeropostale jeans with a belt and they look awesome on her! You should give Aeropostale a try cuz it works for my friend. If you still cant find the perfect jeans at Aerpostale try Abercrombie. You could also try GAP jeans because they have a whole bunch of different fits like curvey and straight and also plus sizes. Good luck finding the perfect pair of jeans! i higly suggest Aeropostale cuz they really helped my friend find the best jeans for her shape.

    • a PERSON says:

      00 slim jeans would probably be too long for size 10. . they’re more like a 14 in kids
      go to abercrombiekids. com, they use kids sizes, ranging from 10-16. their clothes are really similar to abercrombie and fitch(most people can’t tell the difference when you’re wearing them) but with better sizes for you. if you get seomthing from A & F, and you’re a size 10 kids, it definitely won’t look as flattering as one from abercrombie kids. (besides, a&f’s more expensive, u could get two pairs of jeans from abercrombie kids)

    • fergie_rox says:

      it wouldnt fit you! i wear a size 14 kids and i can wear a 00 slim and it fits perfectly. i suggest that you go to your local abercrombie (not abercrombie & fitch) store and trying on their jeans. they’re very comfortable and cost a fraction of jeans from abercrombie and fitch. another advantage is that they are in kid sizes. good luck!

    • heyyyyy says:

      well 00 shorts (not slim), they are huge on me, and i wear a size 12 or 14 slim. you should try the next size up in abercrombie (kids jeans) (either a 10 or a 12 slim) i hope that helps!

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