• What size (length) jeans would a man wear if he is 6ft tall?

    I know his waist is 34 – but not too sure about length. . . I know it’s 34 Long, but what is this in inches?

    Is is 34-34 or 34-32?

    Sorry if this isn’t clear. . . thanks in advance.

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    7 thoughts on “What size (length) jeans would a man wear if he is 6ft tall?

    • Wiz187-Refs do Lakers work says:

      Im 6 ft 2 and wear a 34 in in length, So i suggest getting him a 32.

    • Bruiser says:

      Measure his in seam to be sure. I’m 6’2″ and wear 30-32’s but his legs might be longer.

    • Dolleyes says:

      My husband is 6ft. 2in. and he wears 34-34. If I buy a 32 in length, they are too short.

    • Ofaolain says:

      Try Regular 31 Inch,

    • nick says:

      Im 6ft2 and i wear either 32r 34 in length, just depends on whether i want my jeans to be baggy and go over my shoes more or whether i want them straight and neat.

    • Archangel says:

      “34 Long” would be a 34 waist and something around a 32 (maybe longer) inside leg. The “long” part really depends on what brand you buy, they can all vary slightly.

      The fact he is 6ft doesnt have anything to do with his inside leg measurement, people are all built differently.

      I have a friend who is 5ft 7 and has a 32 inch inside leg, his trousers sit just above the sole on his boots.

      I am 5ft 8 and a 29 inch inside leg will get my trousers sitting at the same place.

      So allthough I am taller by an inch, his legs are longer than mine by 3 inches.

      I have a long torso.

      Your best bet would be to get a pair of his jeans and measure the inside leg yourself with a measuring tape.

      Good luck, hope this helps!

    • magicmorph says:

      It could be either 34″ or 32″ because different makes of jeans vary in both the length and waist sizes. I’m 6’2″ and wear 34″ waist and 32″ leg but the other day I tried on a pair of jeans and I couldn’t button them up and the legs were way too short.

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