• What kind of jeans are good for men with big thighs/butt?

    I have a relatively small waist, but I have big thighs and so it’s kind of hard for me to buy jeans. The waist of jeans would fit fine for me, but since there small-waisted, its expected that it’s for a skinny person, so the thighs would then be tight on me, which I don’t like. Sucks for me cuz then I have to wear 1 size bigger jean sizes so there too big for me at the waist but fine for me at the thighs, so I always have to belt them really tight. What kind of jeans should I be wearing (ie. style: bootcut, straight leg, ect. . . ) or is there a brand of jeans that would suit me?

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    4 thoughts on “What kind of jeans are good for men with big thighs/butt?

    • rajan naidu says:

      you need regular fit

    • @-->--Erroneous says:

      I would suggest boot cut, because they tend to be roomier in the thigh and butt area. I know that Levis and Lee jeans cut their jeans a little bigger in these areas. I would also recommend you consider wearing jeans that have a darker wash. These jeans tend to proportion a body.

    • Lizzy says:

      My husband has the same problem. He is in LOVE with buckle brand jeans! They tailor them for you so it doesnt really matter what size you get. He always get the bootcut ones.

    • Maw-Maw says:

      Try full cut jeans and see what happens. . . . . . Wish that was my problem.

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