• What Kind Colors Go Well With Dark Wash Jeans?

    I just bought some new hollister laguna dark wash skinny fit jeans, im kind of confused on which kind colors will look the best with them. Would bright loud colors,neutrals, or softer shades?

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    19 thoughts on “What Kind Colors Go Well With Dark Wash Jeans?

    • mekobuddy1 says:

      try loose shirts that people wear with leggings.
      and shirts that are pastel colors like pale pink and pale blue green yellow.

    • Double D says:

      Anything bright.
      E. g. Bright green

    • Venya says:

      You should definately try bright colors with them. It would be cute!

    • urieologist says:

      I like lighter softer colors like white with dark jeans.

    • Hannah J says:

      You talkin bout for you top or accessories?
      For a top a plain white cap sleeved top is a classic look, perhaps teamed with bright accessories and shoes

    • megarama77 says:

      definately bright, bright colors. hot pink, orange, yellow, and turqouise are some really nice ones for daytime. also, u can dress them up with a deep purple top for a night on the town.

    • MissHot1 says:

      neutrals look okay with dark wash jeans, but brights look the best (like whites, pinks, oranges, greens, etc. )

    • mckemy1 says:

      I think mostly bright colors that pop, like a sunshine yellow tank would be cute.

    • David P says:

      Any kinds of reds and blues.

    • spoof ♫♪ says:

      i love those jeans, and i think they would look best with bright loud colors or white, grey, and black.

      http://www1. macys. com/catalog/product/index. ognc?ID=240536&CategoryID=29853&LinkType=EverGreen
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    • zoe-louise b says:

      I’ve got three pairs of dark wash skinny jeans. . they’re my fave to wear.
      i wear lots of different tops with them.
      for just going out with the kids or shopping I’ll wear a bright tight top or a warm coloured smock dress with a belt.
      yellow is my fave colour at the moment so a lot of my tops have this colour in them!!
      i really liked a resent picture of posh spice wearing a white shirt tucked into the jeans with a thick bright belt with matching coloured shoes, I’ve tried this and i does look cool!!
      in general I’d say that because they’re dark and plain in colour. . . anything that you feel comfy in is cool!!

    • Nagiko9 says:

      I love neutrals and pastels with dark jeans. It looks so cute! You might also try for white and a strong color accent like teal or coral.

    • potterpotato12 says:

      i think everything will go with jeans but try a tunic with blues or yellows. satin or something. and then wear a leather jacket on top. like maroonish or somethinh. and pointy heels

    • Born To Be Wild ♥ says:

      I would recommmend not wearing black with it, cause ur outfit will be so dark, and you’ll feel like a wallflower! Try loud colours, especially yellow or green, otherwise try a peachy colour, if you choose pastels. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with those colours! Try a couple of silver necklaces layered with that, but don’t go ott. . . dark wash skinny jeans look sooooo nice, good choice! =P

    • Carla A says:

      White it looks fabulous with anything.

    • Chelsea P says:

      Check out these tops I arranged with your jeans.
      http://s152. photobucket. com/albums/s197/chelseaandbob1313/?action=view&current=Jeansandtops. jpg

      I think bright and pastel colors would both look great. It just depends on the style of the shirt. I don’t think you should wear bright orange or orange at all for that matter unless you have Great accessories to make it work. It’s good that you got a dark wash jean because it allows you to wear a wide variety of colors! You should also layer your clothes. (ex. wear a green tank under a blue shirt) This looks great with dark Jeans. A high pointed heel or skinny sandal would look unbelievable with these jeans also. You could wear loose tops or tight tops with these jeans too. The only rules are that you can’t wear plain dark blue tops with dark blue jeans, & loose baggy pants with loose baggy tops. one or the other has to be fitted to your body in order for it to look good. But you can wear tight tops with your tight jeans if you wish.

      Hope I could Help!

    • spoiledness96 says:

      a bright cute top would look really CUTE with it. . .

    • OkashiHime says:

      Jeans, and particularly dark wash jeans are considered neutrals, so you can pretty much pair them with any color. However, if you choose to go for a dark top, make sure you brighten things up with a bold shoe or bag.

    • pumpkin_x_x says:

      most colours will go with dark denim white always looks nice but also bright colours

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