• My daughter has very long legs but small waist, where can i get jeans to fit?

    She is 12 years old but will not fit the waist of clothes that are her age, so all her trousers end up being too short if they fit her in the waist. She is tall, lean and beautiful (but i am her mother) and i wonder if anyone knows what shop does fashionable clothes that will fit her.

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    15 thoughts on “My daughter has very long legs but small waist, where can i get jeans to fit?

    • olandressgirl says:

      Express, Wet Seal, and Rue 21.

    • ♥Keetta♥ says:

      Well you can always buy regular jeans and she can wear all different kinds of belts.

    • embers says:

      next do extra long sizes 6 up.

    • NicOOd says:

      Try GAP

    • londonette says:

      Levi for jeans claim to fit everyone

    • mummy pig says:

      I have no idea on the waist size of a 12 year old,but lots of shops,topshop miss selfridge do small sizes now ie 4,6.

    • anatevkamae says:

      Your best bet is to try stores that are geared to a preteen. It is also important to try many different styles in these individual stores, as each style will fit differently. Abercrombie (the younger version of Abercrombie and Fitch) and Aeropostale would be good places to start, as well as the juniors department of major department stores such as Macy’s. Fit and Flare styles, and Cigarette Styles would fit the best, bootcut and relaxed fits would probably fit too wide.

    • chelsea<3 says:

      rue 21, tilt jeans at pacsun (buy the “long” jeans. ), express, lucky (“long” jeans however lucky jeans are a bit expensive. . . . if you are willing to pay more for jeans, these are amazing!) , and hollister (long jeans)

    • Sam says:

      GAP – they do a range called LONG and LEAN and another called SLIM. I have to buy for one of my daughters here. They also have what they call SUPERLASTIC which is adjustable elastic on the inside of the waistband (so no-one knows it’s there!). They might not have this on the age range you are looking for but definitely look at GAP

    • Flossy says:

      I would recommend topshop as they have a tall range and sizes start at a UK size 6 (i think!). New Look have also started doing a tall range, but I’m not sure what the smallest size is. There is also a website called www. tallandall. com which does all sorts of clothing from size 8 up.

    • well i could say... says:

      Are you from the UK?
      if so then go to Jane Norman its a great highstreet shop that do a size 6 and up. Most of their jeans are long leg and they are very small around the waist. The prices arnt to bad either the most expensive is about £40 for a pair of jeans. They also do cut off jeans which is great becuase then you dont have to worry about the length!
      There are some great fashions in there. have a look.

    • Tiffers says:

      I have the same problem. I am 18 and I wear a size 3 long. I find them in different places. Try a mall close to you and start there by asking in the clothing stores she likes. They may even be able to order the size she needs.

    • Bernyce21 says:

      Go to Alloy. com! My best friend gets her jeans from here bc she is 6’1″ and has super long legs and they have special jeans for really tall girls. (and still really cute and fashionable) Hope that helps! :)

    • Natalie-Jane16 says:

      try river island, they do sizes starting from a size 6 and offer different leg lengths from regular to extra long, hope this helps =]

    • mimilacokimn says:

      should be ok

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