• How do you make faded black jeans black again?

    My black jeans have lost their colour from washing. . . How do i make them black again??

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    19 thoughts on “How do you make faded black jeans black again?

    • tinkerbelle says:

      I don’t think you can, unless you dip it in black dye or ink. . .

    • May says:

      You can be dye from most supermarkets these days. . but it can be messy. .

    • hugglybubbly says:

      Dye them. . . you can do this either manually (in a sink or bucket) or in your washing machine (there are special dye kits just for using in your washing machine). . . both are pretty effective. Just be careful when washing again after the dye has been put in as it may run into other clothes.

    • Tiffany says:

      Its not possible unless u dye ur black jeans black so it can regain its orignal color back.

    • ells says:

      dye them

    • Away With The Fairies says:

      Dye them. It’s the only way.

    • Hamesha says:

      you can dye it black dear and it will gain its original color. . i tried it once.

    • Em-rah says:

      best way is to get a machine dye (less fiddly than the other kind) you can get them from supermarkets or craft stores. Dylon is one of the better ones and dye it on its own that way the colour will be true black not just dark grey. Anything less than a premanent dye will be pointless as itll just come out in the wash!

    • leaghanndizzy says:

      Woolworth’s, or any supermarket sell dylon, you put it in your washing machine that should bring them back to black mind rinse out your washing machine out after it – put it on a rinse cycle

    • puffin57 says:

      I would dye them again. You can get dyes that can be done in the washing machine from supermarkets, these have worked fine for me in the past.

    • A G says:

      you would have to dye the jeans to make them black again
      you can buy dye from any large store
      -if you do it in the washer it does make i big mess and you will have to clean out the washer
      and i have know for the dye to come off on people when they are wearing the clothing and it an come off on your shoes

    • Tinkerbell says:

      you can dye them using black dye

    • S H O RT i i [$$$] says:

      I think you would have to dye it black or something.

    • sparkle says:

      I don’t think you can unless you dye them over. Sorry if i wasn’t helpful.

    • ch3z_s says:

      im sure you can buy a black dye from hardware shop and steep it in it,

    • ♥June Germain♥ says:

      umm. . . maybe you should try thinking about buying some new pair of jeans,because making them black would just be a waste of time!!!

    • Ashu says:

      Dye ‘em.

    • jess says:


      Know how you feel. You could try this site, its pretty amazing. These chicks will bring ‘em back to black for you!! http://www.wix.com/healmyjeans/d


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