• How can you tell the difference between men and women jeans?

    I was told that it is in the sense of touch to the front but I do not see why they would. Please help as it is a gamble involved.

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    11 thoughts on “How can you tell the difference between men and women jeans?

    • girth & length says:

      mens jeans and other women

    • LesGrossman says:

      women are more buttocks so there is more room there

    • nanook570 says:

      it depends on the cut of jeans, jeans are cut to accommodate women with larger hips and flies on jeans mens women are different (they are on the right rather than on the left)

    • blueberry999 says:

      Jeans for women have the button on the left

    • CLC10 says:

      by the size and cut

    • Liz T says:

      because you should not be so bĂȘteson pretty obvious that women are diffĂ©rentsune jeans in the women’s section and sizes have been through 4-20mens were the size of the size not only a random number

    • brillo says:

      Perhaps, jeans men have deep pockets.

    • Karen says:

      Can not say I found myself, but when several people had to help girls to dress buttons took a path for men so they can make their own (after all most men didn’t officially want another person to their knees before a physical contact) and one for women so that their daughters could not cope and their jeans boutons.La main difference is men have a lot more room between the legs for reasons obvious.

    • k2t3 says:

      Jeans for men button on the right and the hole on the gauchefemmes are the reverse. also cut jeans for women are different curves for women and not men. such as low stature. .

    • Kymme A says:

      Unisex today with the thing the key does not work often. most of the blouses and coats are in this way encore.Jeans men measuring the height and leg length, women have the dress size too.

    • Richard says:

      Women’s jeans are generally smaller in size. Example: a man jean size 12 is bigger than jeans size 12 woman. Moreover, their color is generally brighter with their pockets a little before your service, Richard,

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