• do women like it when guys wear really really tight jeans or do u think that is ugly?

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    46 thoughts on “do women like it when guys wear really really tight jeans or do u think that is ugly?

    • Sandrellica says:

      Depends if they can pull it off nicely.

    • Melli! says:

      personally i LOVE it its cause im emo

    • Lase says:

      The tight pants crew is never cool.

    • Hunny says:

      abercrombie model jean fit is sooo hott

    • blabajaka says:

      I don’t know, but my jeans were TIGHT after Thanksgiving dinner!

    • Ezz says:

      well not too tight.
      fitting’s nice (like the skaters/emo/scene). . don’t go any tighter than that =]

    • life is great says:

      guys should wear loose jeans

    • ~~eddie m~~~ says:

      doubt it, dont look too good!

    • BreeAnna A says:

      i hate when guys wear tight jeans

    • New_Mommy says:

      I don’t like it when the jeans are really really tight but i also don’t like the jeans to be too loose i would say that a relaxed type of jean is better

    • ChRiSTiNe!! says:


    • mallary21 says:


    • Jane S says:

      ew! no skinny jeans on guys! it looks so retarded! they don’t have to be really baggy, but alittle

    • Originality :) says:

      eh. . . . well honestly i think that its sorta bad looking when a guy wheres mega tight pants. . . i prefer straight jeans on them or looser jeans instead

    • fashion101 says:

      im more it to jocks so like loose (BUT NOT BAGGY)

    • xxEagle_Girl_Pa_Purple!xx says:

      It really hot of some guys. If you’re a fat ass no. If you have a slender build HOT!! lol

    • Mrs. L says:

      eeeewwwww. . . that’s like totally 80’s! If you wanna look like a twig. . . go ahead. . .

    • stick8100 says:

      not too fussed on it. If the guy has skinny legs its fine, but otherwise no

    • Megan says:

      Okay sometimes the whole cowboy with nice butt type of tight jeans is okay. But for me, the whole tight girl jeans emo look thing that’s going on with the teens these days. . not attractive at all. I’m married and I’m 21 so I don’t want any teenage boys anyway, but it just almost sickens me whenever I see one dressed like that. My opinion doesn’t matter because everyone is their own person and what they’re into is their own personal choice, but my view on that is just. it’s gross. But sexy tight jeans= 2 thumbs up.

    • Smarty pants : ) says:

      Nooo . . . .
      Too tight jeans on a guy is so very UNsexy!
      It looks nasty – not to mention that:
      – your “goods” will be all “mashed up”
      – it is bad for spern production
      – you’ll get all nasty, stinky & sweaty “down there”

      Eeew. . . gross.

    • Emily N says:

      personally, i think itz kinda creep :/

    • =]heyy says:

      only if they know how to wear em’ and they look good in them =]

    • mizz_allen23 says:

      abercrombie or hollister jeans fitted or a little loose but not too much is cute. but pants saggin is ugly and to tight is nasty.

    • andy m says:

      i totaly love it, i definately love wearing pretty much skin tight, circulation reducing pants. only problem is some of the girls get jealous when im a smaller pant size than them (im a 0)
      an to chRiSTiNe!!, that creul and unusual, and baggy pants are definately loserish, and nobody wears them anymore, most guys are wearing slim bootcut or slim straight jeans, your a little out of the fashion society. . . .

    • utak manok says:

      i think its cool so long its not tight more than the one your girl is wearing.

    • dogluver<333 says:

      i think it looks better on girls. .

    • deebeezyyy says:

      it depends, but yes. not all guys can pull it off though. i think skinny jeans on guys look better if they are tall, and not overly tight or it might looks weird, so it has to be a bit loose. like it looks really good on martin johnson and paul digiovanni from boys like girls.

    • Jewelz says:

      u have to have the rite personality, like if u arent sensitive, dont wear them, but if u are AND u can pul them off, go for it, ull look hot!

    • CLAUDIA C says:


    • Dee says:

      No. . . . it shows confusion. . . . . . . . not good!

    • Grace A says:

      I like it, but not girl jeans.
      I know guys who do, I am not going to make fun of them because that’s what they ***like, but I am not too big of a fan of it.

    • cinnabon.sweet says:

      depends if they have the body.
      if they do and they’re a skater, they’ve got me.

    • sparkly081 says:

      It all depends on your personal style. If you think you can pull it off, and you have that confidence, then it will show. I have a friend that wears REALLY tight skinny jeans, and he looks SEXY in them. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with. And what you think you look hot in. It shows when you know you’re hot.

    • Simbha says:

      Dear friend,
      Depends on the female. Some find it very sexy and appealing, some will find you gay. Depends on who the girl is and what her preference is. I personally like men in tight jeans so that it shows of their buns, but not that tight either that some body else would classify that male as gay. Now a days some of the gay males tend to wear very very tight jeans.
      It is your choice, but if you are trying to impress a certain female, find out what she likes and dislikes. Do remember one thing it is not healthy for males to wear such tight pants. Medically it causes problems for your genitals. So think it through before wearing them.


    • you are my sunshine☀ says:

      OMG, YES. I love it personally. I wish some of the guys at my school would wear tight jeans. lol. But I’ve heard from my health teacher, that when guys wear tight jeans it lowers their chances of having a normally developed child, just like when you get bagged.

    • dorkasaurus.31 says:

      i depends on the guy and what he looks like only very few guys can pull it off and still look good♥♥
      your wlecome. lol♥♥

    • LB says:

      ewww lol . . . wear loose fit!

    • Snoopy says:

      As a girl, I simply hate it!

    • Erika says:

      i agree with sandrellica

    • Blonde & Loving it!!♥ says:

      U. G. L. Y. I ♥ the really like the loose pants, but so they don’t fall off their behinds☺☺☺

    • Matt says:

      Well personally if the guy doesn’t weigh 300 pounds or have a beer gut, go for it. A lot of the ladies I am with love it when they see me in tight jeans, and grab my butt, but I think it also depends on the woman

    • Roxy Duckhorn says:

      That is one gorgeous salad ! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year, hope you have a fantastic 2010

    • Pretty Girls says:

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