• How do I know if my white gold ring is real or fake?

    my white gold ring suspected (bought in India) has started to look slightly discolored on the bottom. I am now afraid that the diamonds and sapphires are also doubtful!

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    32 thoughts on “How do I know if my white gold ring is real or fake?

    • tommo says:

      ha ha ha ha you been done ha ha ha ha ha

    • Jfranc1 says:

      Your best bet is to put the local jeweler.

    • CAN'T BE ASSED says:

      Yes, it is certainly false

    • Growl says:

      It should say 10K or 14K inside the ring, if it’s true white gold

    • skybelle24 says:

      Does it turn your finger green? This is an indication that it is false. It may be that white gold plated. . . with metal in the thin layer of white gold that is rubbing off.

    • **~Brown Eyes~** says:

      Try and bite (do not break teeth !!!!) and see if it’s true Good luck! (”,)

    • cat says:

      go into a jewelry store and / or evaluated

    • Stelly says:

      Take a jeweler. They have a solution that has set the gold to test the purity. They can also check the stone.

    • Laura says:

      the only way to tell for sure is to take it to a jeweler. there is probably a reliable in your local mall.

    • Roachy says:

      Take also a jeweler. . . .

    • dcronieuk says:

      I think it is probably fake it for a jewelry specialist and get it looked at

    • wellsy says:

      Ask a Pro

    • sharon_leto says:

      all white gold loses its color. . . its yellow gold covered (forgot the name of the stuff sorry) but you can get this rate fell to regain its color

    • Eliza79 says:

      jewelry stores that buy and sell jewelry offers a free evaluation of your jewelry. Look in the yellow pages, etc for a jewelry store that offers this service, and they can check if your ring is real.

    • Nitnit says:

      Bite it! . . . as they did in old Western movies to see if it is real gold. Or you can just bring your average jewelry store and ask them to watch. . . although this may be a bit embarrassing if they say it’s false.

    • bargoed2004 says:

      Most white gold is coated with rhodium, which gives him the Most appearnace white, is it a local jeweler and they can be re-coated for you – all mine has 15 books – my rings are both white gold (not bought in India) and the same thing happens – I talked to the jeweler and he assured me this is common.

    • nikalikala says:

      its white gold plated probably go to your local jewelers and they will look at your ring and tell you exactly what it is! for a small fee or even free!

    • charpirate says:

      If it sticks to a magnet, it is false.

    • Lorna says:

      The law requires metal to be marked by the manufacturer and the quality of the metal. For the pound sterling, the mark will be the number 925 (meaning 92. Silver 5%, which is the pound sterling) or a “sterling” stamp with the words. Near the loop must have the mark, it would be at the end of the string, if anything. Sometimes the mark is a little flat looking ring check at the end of the string, so the order. Tarnish sterling silver and some people it tarnishes quickly due to body chemistry, but on others, can never tarnish. To keep tarnish from happening, sterling is very often plated with another metal to protect the pound sterling and keep the tarnish from happening. Plating is a metal called “rhodium” which is very light or another metal recently used on silver which looks more like the color of money. However, the chain can be sterling and still have the plate on the outside to avoid ternir.En Beyond that, the only real way to tell if something is sterling silver is to test it. For example, as a test performed by a jeweler. In general, a test will cost some money, not much, but maybe not worth it, depending on what you paid for the chain. On a large heavy chain, the test could be useful, but it just vous.Je suggests thinking about where you got the chain and whether or not you got an established company. An established business would serve little purpose in selling anything fake for sterling silver. Always look for both a sterling and a stamp mark or symbol for manufacturing as I said before. These two brands should be là.Voici some information on how to tell if the gold on your bracelet is really gold. The chlorine in bleach is dangerous for gold jewelry, so it is best not to test gold in bleach, or you will lose your jewelry. points of tension as if the metal has been hammered, bent over stones in teeth, formed by a string of other machines and are most affected by chlorine. welded areas are sometimes affected by chlorine. White gold is most easily damaged but apparently this happens with yellow gold also at stress points in the métal.Le chlorine causes a darkening of the gold, but yellow gold, it almost looks like a very pale gray color. White gold reacts the same way, but sometimes goes darker. This chlorine reacts with metals gold carats. All metal jewelry 18K, 14K and 10K has other metals in the recipe when the metal is made. Pure gold is mixed with mostly silver and copper (with nickel or palladium with white gold) to get strong enough for metal bijoux.La karat mark shows how the Pure gold is in the mix. For example, pure gold is called 24k. Now, 10k will be 10 parts pure gold and 14 shares of other metals, all adding up to 24 party. 18k gold is 18 parts pure gold and 6 parts other metals, all adding up to 24 pieces. Here’s how it goes with carats.Jaune gold is not as dangerously affected by chlorine bleach and a good polishing should do what I can, that is, if it is really the gold. The best way to see if it is real carat tested it. That means an acid test or a test using one of the testers newer electronic gold jewelers use. This is what I recommend.

    • hot mama says:

      does it take for the jeweler and they will appreciate it for u

    • technical difficulties says:

      What are the years of marking within the group? Key it into Google. com and he will tell you immediately what the metal was melted in bijou.Si you can read the inscriptions. . if there is none. . base metal it is. . if it is a series of numbers without letters, then it is money from a certain type. . . if ak . then it is gold. . If it has ag in it. . then it is plated. . . suite.il so just read what is inside the group. . . and type in google. com and see what information you obtenez.si what you get is not satisfactory. . visit the local jeweler. . . they will tell you right away.

    • pasado manana tu madre says:

      i recon UV was faitmais go to your local jewlers theyll tell u April 3

    • JenJen says:

      This does not necessarily mean its wrong. Gold is naturally yellow, white gold, so it must be treated to stay white. Rhodium is that jewelers use to turn white again. Take a local jeweler so they can evaluate it. If its real, while rhodium-coated. You need to do this every 6-12 months (depending on your particular body chemistry, local climate, etc. ..) I have several pieces of jewelry that I do to. Platinum on the other hand will always remain the same white color (only for future reference in case you do not want to bother with that in the future.)

    • AJanae W says:

      Rings and jewelry solid gold the stamp will be mounted with the brand makers. The karat stamp will be a “K” brand AC or number of carats as 10K, 14K, etc. Sometimes numbers are used instead of brand-carat, 14k for example is 585 and 18 carat 750. As the karat mark, the figures show how the gold in the mixture of metal used to make jewelry. The mixture of a metal ring carat gold is the metal of the same through and through and wear of the surface will not wear gold. Plated items will and before long, the metal below begin to show. Then, the only real hope is to get a new piece of costume jewelry! This is generally not an appropriate remedy. In addition, the plated articles can not or should not be resized. Resizing break the plate and expose the base metal. Polishing removes veneer and is not recommended beyond a soft cloth from time to time.

    • christine z says:

      the appreciation, I thought I understood that white gold is actually yellow gold with platinum coating, sometimes he wears, if it is real, you can get it again plunged. Here’s hoping its true

    • edison says:

      drop it in acid?

    • robert r says:

      Look inside the band, somewhere there will be a number such as 10 K which means that the content is ten gold coins on 24 pieces, if thats not there, you have something brilliant, but not gold. any reputable jeweler who made the stuff used real jems. thats not to say that some of the dough is good too. If you have any doubts, it leads to another jeweler, they can quickly respond to your doubts about the quality, if its worth anything they will say. Do not be afraid to repay the man for his efforts and business information, at least you will know the truth.

    • Flower says:

      If this is true we must not lose coloring

    • carolyn_4981 says:

      No, not white gold yellow, try to scratch the glass with the diamond, if large enough, or simply take for jewelers

    • Latest Trend says:

      You are often required to obtain the ring punched then and there if it does not make, apparently of its value. Ask a jeweler.

    • furryfluffbunny says:

      Take it to a jeweler to check and they can see if it has the correct characteristics on whether real and verify the stones. Also, white gold will begin to go yellow after a while because of what is sound and you can get it back at a jeweler rhodium which doesn’t cost too much. It will be nice and white again. you will probably have to re rhodium every 6-8 mois.Sa worth, white gold i love

    • kiss my gold says:

      take it to a jeweler. . . .

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