• What clothes should a 33 year old women buy (though she still looks 20)?

    I’m 33 but no one can believe it. I still have a 20-some year old face and thin body and just don’t know how to dress it. I’m approximately 36″ bust, 27″ waist, 37″ hips (around size 6/7). I haven’t bought any clothes in years and that’s why I’m asking this question. All opinions are welcome before I go shopping!
    T-shirts and jeans is all I’ve been wearing for the past 10 years, and I feel I should be wearing some things a little fancier/dressier. At least it would make me feel a little better/feminine.

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    4 thoughts on “What clothes should a 33 year old women buy (though she still looks 20)?

    • Bungholio says:

      Geez, wear what you want (and look hot in). I’ve been doing jeans & t-shirts my entire life; it’s what I *want* to wear, and others’ opinions matter not.

    • G V says:

      Ditto on what the other person said about wearing what you want. Whatever you do, don’t get so caught up in the “I’m a 33 year-old who looks like a 20 year-old. Aren’t I hot?” thing where you go overboard and dress skanky. 20 year-olds can get away with it because they’re 20 and don’t know better, but you should. Keep it classy. Pretty much any fashion magazine and fashion website has a guide on how to dress your body. Just read one to get ideas on how different clothes alter your appearance and apply it to your style. Without having a picture or knowing your style, the only advice I can think of is to go for “fitted” clothes – not so tight that you look skanky or so loose that you look like you were playing dress up in mommy’s closet (or look overweight).

    • Baby Girl. says:

      oh dear. . . poor you. lol
      what about some nice knee length skirts (patterned maybe) with plain coloured tank top and pretty it up with long necklaces and bangles.
      You could still wear the jeans. just get some that are a nice cut. Team them up with a nice top.
      and again u could wear the necklaces and bangles to helpt all look a bit more femanine/pretty.

    • FashionAddict says:

      Wear what looks good on you, take a friend (an honest one) so they can tell you if something looks awful or amazing. Don’t go with whats in fashion because often it doesn’t suit people. Buy stuff that you like and have fun!!!

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