• The best place for a small Tattoo – initials?

    My fiance and I are planning to get tattoos done before our wedding. My fiance has made up a design using our initials. He’ll be having it on his shoulder, but because of work I couldn’t really have it there.

    Where would you suggest having it? I was thinking on my hip, but then I’m worried about stretch marks when I have kids etc.

    Really struggling to decide!
    No, not fat – just worried about stretch marks when I do have children.

    I don’t want it on display, so not on my foot or wrist.

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    8 thoughts on “The best place for a small Tattoo – initials?

    • Eleanor says:

      are you fat?
      well if not the small of your back or ankle but if you are then get it on your wrist

    • Ginny Jin says:

      Ankle or top of foot
      Then over your heart

    • Visit-Rostock-Germany.Com says:

      The inside of your wrist.

    • Sarahrahrahx says:

      How about the back of your neck so your hiar can cover it?
      Or on ribs just under bra straps on side?
      Hip is quite cute, quite unlikely to get stretch marks there. . . or maybe a little lower down?

    • me : ] says:

      on your back. not necessarily lower back just anywhere on your back.
      on the back of your neck
      on the back of your ear or behind your ear or inside/front of your ear and let your hair cover it.
      on you chest like over you heart
      on the inside of your lip. it will wear off there easily, but you can get it redone

    • Aline R. says:

      On your back =)
      Or below your neck.

    • Lollaj says:

      My stepsister had a small initial tatooed just behind her ear, so her hair covers it. It’s really nice and dainty – especially if you do not want it to be on show. x

    • Kristel Mackedanz says:

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