• jeans for girls with no butt!?

    I have no butt and large hip/love handles. i can fit into a size 5, which fits well on my butt, but i havea little bit of muffin top due to my big hips. Anyone know of good brands of jeans for a girl with a flat a$$? i’m 21 years old and a size 7 in most brands. I’ve tried american eagle, which someone else suggested, but the jeans are still loose in the butt! help!
    thanks guys very helpful time to go shopping!

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    9 thoughts on “jeans for girls with no butt!?

    • HBomb says:

      Check out the link below!

    • Helena says:

      I don’t know exactly what brand would fit best, but try a pair with a little bit of stretch. That would help a lot. Maybe Old Navy?

    • tayfrog8 says:

      get some with pockets. it gives the illusion of a fuller butt.

    • Cadyn Dahh-ling =] says:

      girl, I hear you! same here. . . . but I wear Hollister jeans, when someone told me to try them, I was iffy about it. But I’m so glad I did. . . try them!

    • Kelly Smelly says:

      I tried Guess jeans and I swear by them! I love them! They are kinda pricey ($80. 00 a pair), but totally worth the money! They flatter any butt! I’m small upstairs, but my hips and thighs are not my best feature. However I feel more confident in Guess jeans. Good luck!

    • rachel says:

      go here:
      http://www. zafu. com/

      also, a tip for if your shopping:
      get small pocketed jeans. they make your butt look so much bigger. (i have a HUGE butt, and i have to buy big pocket jeans :S)
      i dont know how big your legs are, but if you think they are skinnny enough try to get lighter jeans. they will make you butt and legs look bigger.

    • roseclaw says:

      A friend of mine says that she wears skinny jeans becasue they are tighter, so it looks like she has more butt. I just wear any really, in all different styles. I don’t really have any problems with my butt or anything, I look okay. But I think maybe Abercrombie becasue they sit low might look okay. Or you could wear say, a mini skirt, if you have okay legs, because it won’t matter as much how great your butt looks. I mean, it matters, but. . . yeah. . .

    • your0wnbarbie says:

      not sure where you live, but i like buiyahkah jeans.

      you can find them in texas or at buiyahkah. com ( however there site is under construction for now) paige denim jeans are made a little bigger in the waist and slimmer in the legs. also go to the buckle or buckle. com. I like there jeans that are BIG STAR in sweet.

      try jeans with pockets that are higher cut and smaller. look at the links below for my suggestions.

      you might try panties with a little padding in them. alot of celebrities are wearing there. its like wearing a padded bra, but for your butt. http://www. lovemybubbles. com/shoppaddedunderwear. shtml

    • head_banger_yyc says:

      forget the jeans, se a surgeon, no but, that cant be healthy!

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