• if i wear a size 8 in jeans what are my measurements in my hips and waist?

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    2 thoughts on “if i wear a size 8 in jeans what are my measurements in my hips and waist?

    • Rianna says:

      hmm size in jeans are all different. you can be one size in one store, and a a different size in other stores. so idk how i can help you with that one. . .

      sorrry. . .

    • clovisclovis says:

      I am very thin and my measurements are 36-24-34. I am 5’8″ and my clothes size is, for pants, less than zero. So, 30 does not seem too big. It seems normal, and as long as the rest of your body is in proportion, it should be fine. There is supposed to be a 10 inch difference between waist size and hip/bust size. If your hips and bust measured 32-36, then your waist might be a bit big. It also depends on your bone structure.
      Can you pinch more than an inch of flesh at your waist? Do you have a roll of flesh around the middle. These are the signs doctors use to determine if someone needs to lose weight. Weight around the torso is more dangerous to your health than weight in the hips and thighs. It is a different type of fat, and can cause heart disease. You should consult a doctor if you think your weight is a problem.
      BTW – My doctor gives me pills to give me an appetite, so that I will gain weight. I saw above that models have approx. the same measurements as I do,and they are usually taller. They are most likely unhealthily thin, so don’t use them as examples.

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