• How do I get the sinuous hips as Nicki Minaj but naturally?

    I have a small waist but my hips just go straight down my thighs are winding e and I do not like it. . but I like the curves on the hips Nicki Minaj in the vid? o itty bitty piggy music and I just want to know how I can get that kind of hips naturally. . i kno its body is false, but i knoe there must be some exercise, food or anything that my hips? be rounder and more beautiful. . I wish yoir secrets if you pla? t! one also how can I get bigger boobs? all the techniques of food or work outs?

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    5 thoughts on “How do I get the sinuous hips as Nicki Minaj but naturally?

    • M&M's r yummy says:

      uh just exercising that part of ur body i guessS’IL PLA YOU? T HELP ME! I need your opinion Honestly? TEhttp: / / answers. yahoo. com / question / index? qid = 20100427124609AAFJxEg

    • Hannah says:

      Nikki Minaj is black ghetto booty while she has! Hips s’? Wide? As you get older and puberty? if your afraid you need to buy twinkies:)

    • SmartWitBeautii says:

      girl doing exercises of the hip and buttocks and thighs and stuff. . . (PPL do not think when they say my bread? S and juice works, it does .. It only makes you big lol), but only the exercise of those you? do the exercises the whole body son try a few jumps and a lot of cardio. and you can get it. . . or just wear booty pads. . . (Who is? Your beauty supplies? Local) lol

    • Adam says:

      Who? Re you trying to impress so bad? No guy is worth changing your number. If he does not like her? Are you you? It’s your loss. In addition, you will be so much happier with the guys who do accept you as you? Your.

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