• Do guys like wide hips on girls?

    I know someone with extremely wide hips but it seems that it works for her. Personally, i dont get what it is about wide hips and guys, so guys do you find wide hips attractive, why?

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    17 thoughts on “Do guys like wide hips on girls?

    • Bob W says:

      love em as long as they’re combined with a narrow waist

    • EarthGirlwantzPeace says:

      Mmmm good question

    • Cody S says:

      yes and no

    • tir_jr says:

      it just depends on the guy. i like wide hips with a sort of slim body, but not like an explosion from the waist down. haha. some guys find it attractive is all

    • Brandi says:

      Sounds gross to me.

    • Albert says:

      thin waist and pronounced hips means that the girl is young, prime, ripe, and ready to have a baby. Gettin’ the picture?

    • JUSTME says:

      No not for me i like girls who are slim trim small hips

    • Zippy says:

      I guess it depends, if it matches the girl, yeah .

      Psychological guys are attracted to girls with wide hips due to motherhood, its weird but ive read it somehwere and guys dont even know why

    • Paigeybear says:

      I’m not a guy, but I know about this lol

      Guys [and girls] have certain instincts built into their DNA. The instincts date back to when humanity began and when the cavemen roamed and needed to find “mates” and stuff. Many guys find wide hips attractive b/c they symbolize women being able to bear children.

      Also, wide hips symbolize feminity to some men. This is b/c of the child-bearing thing and men don’t get extra fat in their hips like many women are predisposed to have, so they just like the look. The same goes for why men love boobs and a$$ lol. Seriously.

    • Telmac says:

      If accompanied with a nice shaped backside and good fitting jeans. . . WOW!

    • Please punctuate properly folks. says:

      I can say, as a guy, I find a wide variety of female body types, heights, builds, hair / skin tone and colour attractive. Gawd, I hope that doesn’t make me sound desperate!

    • Bonzo says:

      Personally no. . .

    • Bad Company says:

      Wide hips, means easy birthing, a good mother

      Been that way for 1000s of years

    • kentin says:

      i think it just depend on the girl. .
      look. . ! what if you have wide hips but it doesn’t fit you and your short and your waist and boobs are small , so i think the boys wouldn’t like you.

      it was just my opinion! but you know if you have a good personality and your a pretty looking girl many boys would like you. i swear.

      but its lucky to have a wide hips. !

    • jason c says:

      As long as they match up with the rest of the body, then there great.

    • vanessa p says:

      yeah i have big hips i wanna lose weight but i guess that just were my fat goes to my hips and ass but trust me guys like it:)

    • Andrew says:

      Hour glass shape is nice, like Kim Kardashian – Yum Yum :0P

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