• High Heels Problem. . . Slipping off my feet!?

    basically at the back of my new high heels for my prom, theyre a little too big, i got a size 7 , because the size 6 were way too small. either way what should I do now is there something i can put in the shoes? Its like when i sit down and lift up my foot from my toes they slip off the back of my feet and the same when i walk. at the moment I have some insoles in but they dont seem to help. . . ?

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    5 thoughts on “High Heels Problem. . . Slipping off my feet!?

    • jamie lee says:

      you can put some stuffing in the front of the shoes or you can get heel grips that attatch to the part of the shoe behind your heel, this helps grip them to your feet

    • bulls-i says:

      there are pads you can get at any shoe store. u stick it on the front and it prevents shoes slipping. also it’s great for posture.

    • Nicky twin says:

      Party feet as well do they keep your feet comfy but stop them slipping hope i could help:D

    • Kate says:

      Hmm. I have these inserts that stick to the shoe permanently and the part at the ball of the foot is extra padded so it keeps your foot pushed back so that your feet don’t slide forwards and leave that gap at the heel. Did the store have a 6. 5? Anyways, they’re Dr. Scholls and come in a 3-pack with silver, tan and leopard print if you want to look for them in the store. I put them in all my shoes to make them fit tighter. You can also stuff the toe with tissue paper if its a closed toe shoe, or you could try a heel grip, but if the problem is that the shoe is just a teensy bit too big, it probably won’t work for you. I have really narrow heels so I have that problem with all my dress shoes and the heel grips don’t help, then just give me a blister.
      http://www. drugstore. com:80/products/prod. asp?pid=163448&catid=882

    • Fran says:

      I have the

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