• What type of underwear to wear with a chiffon dress?

    I have a gorgeous chiffon silk dress for my prom but it’s ivory and quite a clinging dress and any underwear i try on can be seen. I’ve tried all natural colours and all kinds of white but u can see visible knicker lines and basically the underwear itself!! So what other lingerie can i try? Would a basque work?

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    37 thoughts on “What type of underwear to wear with a chiffon dress?

    • chester drors says:

      none. . .

    • truthteller says:

      none, take the risk. . . .

    • emt says:

      victorias secret the body by victoria line. . . . its all seamless

    • the sk8er persoin says:

      Well, actually, a lot of people just don’t wear any underwear, but if you really really need to, it’s going to show, so either you wear underwear and people will see it, or you just don’t wear any at all and take the risk. I was driving last weekend, there was a girl with a miniskirt crossing the street, and the wind blew, her skirt flew up, she wasn’t wearing any underwear, it was kind of gross! But if your dress is long you should have no problem.

    • yodeladyhoo says:

      If you are wearing pantyhose with the dress, I wouldn’t wear underwear ! The pantyhose will cover all required areas. If you aren’t wearing pantyhose, they have seamless undergarments, both bra and panties. The panties come in all styles from seamless briefs to seamless thongs.

      Have fun

    • BOB says:

      thongs or none at all

    • cindy says:

      You simply wear a silk or nylon cami and it will hide everything. Then you can wear a matching bra, suspender belt and thong and be a real knock out.

      I am just wore vintage black dress to my prom, with seamed black stockings and garter belt and everyone went insane it was a great hit.

    • luckylady says:

      You could wear a basque, but It would still show in the bright light. I would wear a Cami, it will cover your bra to your thighs, and move nicely under the dress. That way you can wear your sexiest underwear and it won’t be seen by all. I am assuming you will be wearing a bra, thong, and possibly garter belt, and nylons.

    • michelle says:

      I had the same problem with Prom dress, and it was black, but in the light you could see my garter belt and dark stocking tops showing through. I didn’t want to wear pantyhose cuz I like the vintage seamed stockings I was wearing, so I got a short black slip, which was also very clingy, and did not show at all and covered enough so nothing showed, not even the slip. If your dress is strapless, a half, slip would probably work.

    • Belinda says:

      Either wear nothing (which is OK if it’s a long dress) or maybe bike pants instead of knickers.

    • Wedgie D says:

      Well you have many options actually:

      1) You could go with no underwear. I’m sure your date will like that haha. Just whisper it to him lol.

      2) No Show Low Rise Bikini (highlight all of below to get the link)
      victoriassecret. com/commerce
      onlineProductDisplay. jsp&event

      3)A tiny gstring close to the color of your dress
      victoriassecret. com/commerce/
      roductDisplay. jsp&event=display&

      4) Wear a hipster that is skin tight. You will probably need to try it on because it can’t be to loose or tight.
      victoriassecret. com/commerce/
      roductDisplay. jsp&event=display&pr

      5) Wear the longest underwear you have so the panty line would be lower ad since its a skirt, it might not show.

    • wendi timney says:

      You can wear what ever underwear you want it
      should’nt matter. . . .

    • Rusty says:

      Why not wear a petticoat or camisole? Chiffon is too feminine a material to wear without nylons. The feeling of stockings on chiffon is soo sexy, you should not rob yourself of it. Stockings are nicer than pantyhose, but do whatever you must. Chiffon was never invented to wear with sticky bare legs, Try a basque if you like, they are extremely sexy with stockings.

    • nk03gbe06 says:

      i don’t think you should any underwear when wearing a dress, and if ou do they should be thongs.

    • i_do_believe_in_fairies911 says:

      Why not go commando? Unless your wearing stockings or panty hose, then probably a thong.

    • Mahdi A says:

      hey what’s the worst thig that gonna happen? don’t wear any . .

    • Julie says:

      Just pantyhose.
      That’s why they have the little cotton panel, so they can be worn without any panties.

    • mysticalflyingsquirrel says:

      you could wear t-bar thongs or just go bare using panty hose or what the heck go all the way bare, just remember if you are going all the way bare you need a good shaving all the way to the waist (if ya get my drift) cuz things will show thru in the front too.

    • Hollybug says:

      dont wear any

    • B.Geezy says:


    • love lace says:

      i would go with a thong or nothing at all

    • shrimpy13@sbcglobal.net says:


    • heaven k says:

      thongs I think

    • bbmcgee65 says:

      are you wearing hose, if pantyhose, none, if stockings, id go with the thong. or maybe a slimmer, like the slips they make like the bike shorts, thats what i wore for my wedd, i had a clingy satin dress. .

    • lilmandy1972 says:


    • JESSICA B says:


    • Surjee says:

      none. . . its hot

    • kipneldy says:

      do not wear anything underneath

    • icemarriedman says:

      None if your figure allows it. no one wants to see line and clips sticking out

    • danni says:

      thong, or skin colored undies

    • ashok k says:

      cotton type

    • mud says:

      Hanes Perfect Panty! They’re great! I wear them al the time. I have to dress professionally at my job, and they dont even bunch! You can get them at Walmart!

    • venus says:

      You can try to find a underwear that have an adhesive band at the front and back (no adhesive in the middle), no side lines.

    • laa_dee_fukin_daa says:


    • ladyofthehollow says:

      none- do not wear any. – you aren’t doing cartwheels in this dress are you?

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